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Than the cabbage from a sea kitchen garden is valuable? Part 2

In any organism is polysaccharides. They make bulk of organic substance in the biosphere. Among them it is good to you the known starch, pectinaceous substances, cellulose, it is cellulose. And here the laminaria is famous for the fact that in it there is a lot of alginic acid and its salts. This acid deserves writing of separate article if not books. Very many curative properties of sea cabbage are explained by availability of this polysaccharide.

Alginic acid possesses ability to absorb and hold in itself water in the volume by three hundred times exceeding the volume of dry polysaccharide. Thanks to alginic acid sea the cabbage bulks up in zheludochno - an intestinal path, increases in volume and causes irritation of receptors of a mucous membrane of intestines. From - for it, in turn, the vermicular movement amplifies, that is intestines work more actively.

The enveloping effect of alginic acid promotes detention of absorption of water in intestines. And therefore the sea cabbage is also applied as an easy depletive at a chronic atonichesky lock, enterokolita and proktita.

Alginic acid and its derivatives easily absorb not only water, they connect and bring out of an organism heavy metals, radionuclides, toxins and even pathogenic bacteria. It is very important for us living in the big industrial city is not so far from the Chernobyl NPP.

The excess quantity of immune complexes damages a vascular wall of blood vessels and causes inflammatory reaction. And immunoglobulins of a class E promote development of acute allergic reactions. Alginates of sea cabbage occlude and do thereby inactive harmful immune complexes and immunoglobulins. At the same time alginates stimulate synthesis of immunoglobulins of a class A. They, in turn, put a barrier on the way of pathogenic microbes. Besides alginates stimulate fagotsitoz, and phagocytes take and destroy microorganisms and products of their disintegration.

Anti-sclerous action of a laminaria speaks not only the high content of iodine. At it there is an antagonist of cholesterol - zhiropodobny substance beta sitosterol. It promotes dissolution of the vessels of cholesteric deposits which settled on walls. Decrease in content of cholesterol in blood is promoted also by polynonsaturated fatty acids like Omega - 3, there is also a lot of them in a laminaria.

Really, the nature as though specially connected in one plant so many means for fight against atherosclerosis!

We will add a small spoon of tar. To be fond too of sea cabbage, say, to eat on half a kilo a day, is not necessary - it is possible to upset thoroughly a stomach.

Contraindications to the use of sea cabbage almost do not exist, unless only, sharp diseases of the digestive system and kidneys, the small tortoiseshell, furunkulez, pregnancy and diseases at which iodine preparations are contraindicated.

What is only not prepared from sea cabbage! Salads are most popular. You do not want to eat cabbage in pure form - add it to all vegetable dishes. Too advantage, and taste you diversify. With it it is possible to cook soups, to cook sauces. In the countries of the East with it even make tea. And in the USA it is candied.

The sea cabbage contains few calories, and, inflating, makes impression of satiety. Therefore on its basis do the mass of food additives for an unloading diet.

There are people who do not transfer it. And slippery it seems to them, and a smell, opposite at it, and what else will not be thought up. All this for want of habit. Just there was no it on sale earlier, and the people very often give a hostile reception to unfamiliar products. And as for a laminaria skolzkost, and a jelly slippery, and a jellied fish, and we eat.

The sea cabbage is used much more widely, than you think. It is applied in medicine and the food industry. On its basis confectioners do fruit jelly and a zephyr, use it in karamelyakh. Bread with additives of preparations of a laminaria long does not harden, and, besides, is enriched with iodine, and, so it becomes more useful.

In Kiev from it receive the preparation Elamin . It is used both for bread baking, and as biologically active food additive. Where there is a lot of sea cabbage, even do fertilizers of it, not to mention a stern for animals. And it is not the full list of its use. Ouch yes cabbage!