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Than the cabbage from a sea kitchen garden is valuable? Part 1

X a century, Kievan Rus` under fifth Batyya. Ours - not to a diet. And on other side of the huge Mongolian empire, in Ancient China, a diet - a question of a state policy. The Chinese emperor Kangxi issued the decree according to which all population is universal has to eat sea cabbage. For prevention of diseases.

Who does not eat - the state criminal. And that nobody could evade on to the objective reasons the cabbage began to be delivered specially at the expense of the state budget in all corners of Celestial Empire.

Also it is necessary, in the country patients with a craw ceased to meet. For certain also many other, not so obviously expressed diseases disappeared. And how the nobility whether it helped China to stand under long-term pressure from Mongols?

In China knew about it long ago. The first data on a salutary alga belong to the 8th century. Sea cabbage treated dropsy, abscesses and malignant tumors. And here data on curative properties of a laminaria reached our country much later - after research of the Kuril Islands in the 18th century.

So it sea cabbage? Mean different types of an alga of a laminaria by this name. All of them are curative, however at us in the country for food and production of medicines use a laminaria Japanese (Laminaria japonica) more often. In China and Primorye not only use a wild-growing laminaria, but also cultivate. Annually only China grows up up to 20 million tons of seaweed. Means, very necessary culture.

The sea cabbage is called an alga of health and beauty, a sea ginseng. And it is not surprising - it is the most valuable source of curative substances. It, as well as many seaweed, possesses ability to accumulate the substances which are contained in sea water, and accumulates almost all table of Mendeleyev in the lamellar leaves and stalks. You judge how many in it minerals, necessary for life:

The laminaria surpasses any land plant in concentration of minerals. On the content of vitamins too. Only vitamin C in it is 4 times more, than in oranges and lemons. But all this nonsense in comparison with the main advantage of sea cabbage. And, above all in it - iodine.

To fill a lack of minerals or vitamins, you would eat potato or oranges more willingly. Even if four times more. And here to you only the laminaria can compensate a lack of iodine. Why? Yes, because iodine in it contains not in four, not in ten and even not in hundred, and in several thousands times more, than in the same potato.

If you drank iodic tincture (I hope that you it will never do), then except poisoning you got nothing. Yoda in tincture is a lot of, but he is in absolutely improper form.

In a laminaria iodine is in easily acquired look - in the form of iodides and iodorganic compounds, for example, mono - and a diyodtirozina. And yodtirozina are just those substances which contain in tissue of a thyroid gland and are necessary for its normal functioning. That is, consuming sea cabbage, you enter into an organism iodine in the most acceptable form.

But not only the amount of iodine is important, but also how it is combined with other substances. Digestion of iodine is promoted by the minerals which are a part of sea cabbage - molybdenum, copper, cobalt... Therefore any artificial preparation not in forces to compete to a laminaria in prevention and treatment of diseases of a thyroid gland. The sea cabbage is appointed for treatment of a hypothyroidism, easy forms of a bazedovy illness, prevention of an endemichesky craw.

The iodine and potassium which are contained in sea cabbage promote treatment of adenoma. Iodine activates a number of enzymes and improves digestion of proteins, iron and phosphorus. Under the influence of iodine the tone of vessels and arterial pressure goes down, viscosity of blood decreases. For a long time it is noted that the iodine which is contained in sea cabbage promotes treatment of atherosclerosis.

The sea cabbage already only for iodine deserves a monument, but more close acquaintance with it shows that this its not only advantage. What else? Read continuation.