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How to decorate the house for Easter?

B 1512, in the first day of Easter, the Spanish seamen saw the long-awaited earth on the horizon. The newfound country pleased with evergreen vegetation and fragrant flowers. In honor of the last, new acquisition of conquistadors found the name Easter of " colors; what in Spanish sounded as Florida . So seamen confirmed to

an axiom known for it long ago once again that flowers and Easter are inseparable. For us communication of flowers and Easter not always is obvious.

Having been fond of Easter cakes and krashanka, we somehow began to forget about other symbols of Easter. And it is vain. Easter - a joyful spring holiday. It is devoted to resurrection of Jesus Christ, but its roots go deeply to pre-Christian times.

Already five thousand years ago Judaic tribes celebrated in this spring time otet cattle, then - the beginning of a harvest, their ancient gods died every winter and were revived in the spring. Then the holiday was connected with an outcome of Jews from Egypt and called it Pesakh as means an outcome.

Christians, having enclosed new sense in Easter, revived ancient folk customs. So whatever one may do, Easter - our most ancient holiday.

But, being that, it symbolizes not decrepitude and withering, and something opposite - belief in revival, revival of life. And prick revival, how here to do without flowers.

Look around, everything is filled with the life wakening from hibernation - the willow and a birch are dismissed, the poplar, an alder and which - where also apricots blossom. Gardens and parks are filled with hubbub of birds. People on faces have kind smiles. The holiday blossoms!

If on the eve of Easter, in the Palm Sunday people bear the dismissed willow branches to the house, then by Easter decorate more variously.

From fresh flowers most often use narcissuses and hyacinths. To buy them not a problem as flower growers apply special receptions that flowers blossomed by a certain day.

Decoration of the house compositions from the dried and artificial flowers became traditional. Yes, yes, you should not screw up the face supposedly these flowers not live. Such is tradition.

At the beginning of the last century artificial flowers for Easter were in big fashion. The most various materials, most often provoshchenny color matter were used. At one time was fashionable to decorate an easter table exotic with flowers from sugar, but nowadays the way of their production is reliably forgotten.

Except flowers bouquets of the dried berries, various greens, needles, a moss, the painted cockleshells and plumelets, and also multi-colored tapes were used. Did venochka which hung up over a door, garlands for decoration of a hall and rooms, various flower bouquets on tables cases, musical instruments of all this.

Surely decorated with flowers icons. With Venochkami from sukhotsvet and paper wreaths Easter cakes and Easter twisted.

The most ancient decoration of a holiday table for Easter - a so-called green hill. Also more monumental easter jewelry, so-called " is since ancient times used; easter trees .

Fortunately, slowly but surely, old traditions revive. Especially pleasantly to involve children in drawing up flower compositions. For them it is the real holiday allowing to develop the talents and to like spirit of fine. Give to children paper and paints, scissors and glue, and let create flowers. Be not afraid of awkwardness, in this case it is pertinent.

In easter compositions combinations of white, red and green flowers are preferable, addition of gold and silver tones is welcomed. Everything has to look brightly, beautifully, solemnly.

The church welcomes use of colors in liturgical life, they are used in festive night services in Pussy-willow Revival and for Easter, and also for decoration of graves on the Easter Sunday.

A gift of flowers to gravestones and monuments - the most ancient tradition which is especially noticeable for Easter and after it - in funeral week. Bringing flowers, live as if share with deceased hope of general revival.

A snowdrop, a lily of the valley silvery,

the Violet - blossom again,

I ascribe the anthem fragrant

to That Whose precept - love.