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As took place Yumorina in Odessa, or It is already time to finish the Past and humour of

with these Odessa features!

Wanted to run at the same time everywhere and to stand still - to watch the parade flowing by, and at the same time, having hastily eaten zakamenely street pie, to rush somewhere where too something occurred... And occurred a lot of things: a zalezaniye on a column for the purpose of finding of the prize suspended there as now I remember - kersey boots, a competition on fast eating up of a lemon (br!!!!) traditional classical sack-race with egg in a spoon, some lotteries... Sounds of borne accordions intertwined in charodeysky music of spheres, also choruses did not lag behind. Copper pipes gave solemnity, saxophones - a Bohemianism and a personal freedom. Guitars it was almost not heard, their time came later, with emergence in the moon sky.

The most interesting that at a huge congestion to the people, there were no disorders, was not visible drunk - possibly they were, but them it was not noticeable among drunk with laughter and unexpected freedom. Do not forget - 70 - e years, stagnation, persecution on dissidents, gloomy time refuseniks party studies of otjezzhant, time special assistants to the captain on ideology on each vessel, stuffy time viscous as rubber of Komsomol meetings...

A under this pernicious freight smoldered, it appeared, the Odessa humour which never is up to the end not going out, the Odessa language, the love to this unique city of the world confusedly hidden. Even official statistics could not hold back - there were no offenses, there was no increase of number of pocket thefts though the number of GAWKS in crowd made 100%, the sobering-up station was not overflowed.

But me there was no time to walk at the end of 70 - x - we at the Odessa University had April Fools` holidays. This day was to fork a little, it is not enough to be upset: a holiday in the city, holidays at University - at each faculty the! And all are in own way good! There was a wish to visit them everything, and in, mekhmatsky also to participate! What there occupations - occupations on a mekhmata of regional public institution never before did not happen on April 1 - 2. And the Organizing committee on preparation by April 1 began to work at a mekhmata since September!

Pictures by total area several kilometers - pictures were drawn! gouache! and oil! We redrew a half of world classics, naturally, not just like that, and having added Zaporozhetses, and we designate to Ivan the Terrible with the son, Gioconda faces of favourite teachers and having changed names. (For example Last day Pompeii was called The Police squad disperses a tremor ) . Posters were written and kilometers of wall newspapers became, colourful tickets were issued, statements were put, the football match of teachers with students and a lot of things another at stadium of regional public institution was prepared. Even not to list everything. What cost only a press - conference of teachers - amazingly witty people were our teachers, even (excuse for even) - even military department! But KVN was the most important, a master of thoughts and a major activity of students during the whole March.

All-Union KVN stormed in 60 - x years, faded in 70 - x, again inflamed in 80 - x, is noisy celebrating itself and developing into show, festivals, self-advertisement and secret games in 90 - x. But KVN on a mekhmata and a fizfaka of regional public institution was never interrupted. (I cannot tell anything in recent years - lost touch with Alma - a mater. Perhaps, it goes and now). The one and only game between teachers and students of a mekhmat, only one game in a year, but it was absolutely Hamburg game. Nothing depended on it, she solved nothing, but came to participate and attend to us rehearsals such stars that - it is necessary to write about everyone separately...

Again - I want to make a reservation - when I mentally swing the head and passionately I whisper what people were!... - here absolutely there is no moment there are no such now and will not be " soon at all;. Anything similar! Very much even is. Great people, I trust, grow also on a mekhmata as pineapples in greenhouses. Only they about themselves will write.

And to write about night since March 31 for April 1 in the main case of regional public institution - in general it is necessary to be Homer at least... In the twilight the small case seemed huge, it also was huge - this night all rehearsed... And who was tired to rehearse - played the guitar, sang - and composed the last nedosochinenny competitions, couplets, remarks and jokes. Magical there was a night, night in which nobody thought of a dream...

Naturally, these days to Odessa there come all stars of humour - then it was still possible to get tickets and to hang for a while on a gallery, sideways, with an edge - not very well, but he is living Irtenyev! Zhvanetsky! It was necessary also to be in time there, having won back KVN, having examined cases of a mekhmat and a fizfak where everything was covered and too there took place competitions and concerts. And still there was a wish to look also visiting stars from Moscow - when still you see them? Now they come too, and the are - tremendous genius the comedian - the troupe " Masks; for example - but our temporary as Tatar - the Mongolian invasion, financial difficulties almost cut us from kontsertno - zalovy on April 1.

Therefore happens it is especially a pity when the easter rain disperses... But we will not grumble on ingenuous antiquated God who is fondly sure that the rain is always and everywhere a holiday. Let`s tell it thanks and we will watch TV, we will take a walk in the Internet: set search in the words Yumorina in Odessa also join!