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What we know about the author systems of squeezing of " sweat; - father scientific management?

on March 20, 1856 in the American city of Germantaun (piece Pennsylvania) in a family of the lawyer Taylor the next child who was called Frederik Winslow was born. Since the birth parents saw in it the successor of fatherly tradition, and therefore never felt sorry for funds for training. Unlike many peers little Frederik by 12 years visited many countries of Europe, went to study at first to France a bit later, and then on the historical homeland of the father - to Germany. And everywhere it that is called horovodit could not be playing a supporting role. And even in new school collectives he at once tried to declare himself at the top of the voice: the knowledge of foreign languages and rich erudition allowed it to find quickly friends, both from schoolmates, and from teachers. The last, at all the desire, had no the slightest catch that to put into place beginner.

Frederik did not go in cycles only in study, he actively was engaged in several sports, was chosen as the captain of a school baseball team that was for those times highly appreciated very much.

When before the young man there was a question where to continue education - he without hesitation chose Harvard, law department, and it was the last step which he made under someone`s influence: so the father wanted.

But having studied not so long, Frederik felt that from - for problems with sight it is better for it to leave study. And here even the father could not pressure the son. They squabbled, and is very serious.

Live, as you wish! - in a fit of temper the father exclaimed!

In many respects in peak to senior generation of a family of Frederic went to work in industrial workshops of hydraulic plant of. Philadelphia, and received the general worker`s position on steel foundry a bit later. whether

Strained it Frederik? More likely, there is more his father. It could not be praised before friends the fact that his clever son to whom designated the big future works with a simple lekalshchik. But Taylor - younger did not doubt at all that the main matches are not played . The main thing - to be hardworking, responsible and purposeful.

I not incidentally mentioned matches. In free time Frederik very often vanished on sports grounds. And it brought the first success - together with the colleague they won the tennis championship of the USA.

At plant the situation were too quite successfully. At first Frederik was appointed the mechanic, then the engineer of shop and, at last, the chief of mechanical workshops. For others - this position was a subject of dreams, but Taylor was never satisfied with what has already been achieved. In the evenings it went to occupations to Institute of technology where got the higher technical education.

Having become in 28 years the chief engineer of the steelmaking enterprise, Frederik for the first time put system of differential payment for labor productivity into practice, and, the main difference of this system from others was that it was not abstruse, but very intelligible.

Ya I will give only two examples. The first is so-called work indifferently . Taylor paid attention that when the American worker plays baseball or when the English worker plays cricket, they strain each nerve to ensure a victory of the party. And here when it comes to work, this aspiration disappears. Moreover, the worker tries not to strain at all. Underproduction, i.e. consciously slow work turns out. And with it it is impossible to be reconciled!

Sets the second example as it is possible to organize the work so that labor productivity sharply increased. Let`s take such routine work as laying of bricks. In it there are a lot of excess movements!

One of Taylor`s associates, m - r Frank B. Dzhilbret, made a number of experiments during which he established exact situation which each of legs of the bricklayer has to occupy in relation to the put-up wall, gang with cement and a heap of bricks. It exempted the bricklayer from need to take excess steps and the movements when laying each brick.

Further it found out the most convenient height for gang with cement and heaps of bricks and drew on the basis of it the plan of a mobile platform with the table put on it. Generally, everything was counted to trifles. Result? Speed of laying of a brick increased several times!

Taylor would not be an isty American if did not patent each invention. By different estimates, it had from 40 to 100 patents for inventions. And since 1898 he becomes also the consultant for management of work. Not incidentally Taylor is called the founding father of such concept as scientific management. The truth workers christened scientific developments of Taylor system of squeezing of " sweat; because at it each worker had to give all the best for all hundred percent. To whom it was impossible - lost a workplace. In persons interested to replace the clumsy of a shortcoming was not!

However, Taylor even to official pension did not finish, having affected the health on scientific developments. He early departed from affairs and devoted the life to two things - to cultivation of roses in a garden and game in golf.

Taylor died on March 21, 1915 of pneumonia. On its tombstone the inscription " is beaten out; Father of scientific management .

And now let`s reflect: and whether often ourselves work with the full tension of forces? I do not take work, I will take at least a family. How many at us excess movements? How it is possible to improve, say, housework? In a garden? Seldom who thinks of it. And in vain!

Let`s work at least on itself a little more effectively