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And you ran into debt mafias?

Old, old Sherwood Forest! Noble Robin Hood hurries to the aid of poor people, in an ambush waiting gold carriages of local merchants and grandees. Several centuries later the hero was replaced by Robin bed. He plundered the poor and distributed their last remains to the rich. Times changed, customs exchanged.

Naturally, it something unfastened mafias. The woods of Great Britain just teem with mafia types. And even such villain as Robin bed, did not want to be for anything a debtor at these types.

Punishments over debtors were cruel and painful at all times. Degree of torture was defined by an amount of debt. The whole corporations, yachts, country houses, helicopters were withdrawn from large debtors, bank accounts and credit cards were devastated. That to small small fish it was necessary to them very difficult. The losers playing in poker for the money taking under percent at shady characters rigidly paid for untimely repayment of debts.

It something like entertainment! Picnic outdoors, Sunday rest by all family. Debts small losers are insignificant and do not play a large role in a financial picture of mafia community. But there is a concept person of the " organization;. Communities such very scrupulously treat the image. Moreover, punishments over debtors help to pass away boring everyday life of the mafia worker. It nearly hobby, much more cheerful, than just picnic outdoors!

And here you stand on an edge before the dense English wood. Nearby in a rank with you raznosortny people were built. Person forty. You try to comprehend that will be. In the head not the most pleasant thoughts climb.

Black BMW of Volume which won against you in a pool last Saturday stands nearby. During a week he came to you twice, left without money, but with fresh grazes on fists! On faces of the others in a rank it is visible that it came not only to you.

At last, Tommie gets out of the car with a big package. It comes to the middle of an edge as the commander before a company of soldiers. The huge bald man in a tweed suit runs up to it, takes a package and begins to distribute the recruit black pieces of fabric. Distribution comes to an end, and Tom orders: To Put on bandages eyes! The Only thought which is pulsing and constantly flashing as a red bulb of alarm, at you in the head: Really it is execution?!

No, it is not execution. It something like entertainment. Picnic outdoors, badminton with the son and the daughter. The volume begins to explain rules of the game loudly. Misters! You are faced by the difficult choice. The choice between life and death All of you know well why you here! Why you stand blindfold and why you will execute any my order!

The first five people who will be able to reach the following edge will be forgiven by me and Mr. Smith! Do not forget that to Mr. Smith you so impudently are rude and you do not give his money! All you need is, it to reach the following edge! Everything is simple . He turns to bald in a suit and speaks: Bobbie, tie by him hands behind the back and check bandages!

The shot of the alarm rocket marked the beginning of competition. Those who could not run fell on knees, expecting the fate. The others rushed deep into the woods. The first trees for many became the last. People shouted from rage and a hopelessness. Dissected faces about invisible branches and boughs. Many fell dead, meeting an old oak or a pine on the way.

You try to run more slowly every time as nearby the neighbor falls and begins to groan. But to run slowly - means not to get to the treasured five. And you rush towards to destiny again!

In 2001 came out ispanskiyboyevik Intakto . The main idea of the movie - game with destiny, with fate. All were struck by one brutal scene of a picture. Several people blindfold and the connected hands run through a thicket.

Heroes of the movie defined the most lucky - the one to whom the fate smiles most widely. But not only participants of the International festival in Cannes were impressed with this scene. Severe uncles from Foggy Albion decided to use such cardinally new and extremely effective method for knocking-out of money.

There is a lot of examples of loan of brilliant ideas from cinema. To take at least " Fight club; David Ffincher.

After an exit Intakto to debtors of the English mafia, has to be, it became absolutely thin. Police officers were perplexed, combing edges and the woods.