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How to understand a cat?

Are unconditional, the cat can do also without person. It depends on it much less, than a dog. But she can fall in love with not less dog you if you love it. To us never to learn that cats feel, but, studying their behavior, it is possible to foresee rather precisely it and even to explain.

In general, it is animals very emotional. Cats suffer from loneliness, boredom, fear or a stress. The last is expressed differently: from infinite licking before departure of need in not put place. Many problems of behavior are caused by this thin sensitivity, and that to solve them, it is necessary to learn to look at the world eyes of a cat.

Eyes. Wide pupils at an animal is a fear, is more rare - strong surprise. You should not perceive as infringement of your right to be the main thing the rounded eyes of a cat. She is terribly frightened, it is better to leave her alone.

A here tell narrow strips of pupils about the concealed aggression. It is better to turn an impudent cat on a back, to record paws to deprive of an opportunity to move, and to look in the face until she looks away.

Blind-man`s-buff a cat - the sign of tranquility and peacefulness. If ears are taken away back, so the cat at you elicits something. Game in glyadelka at cats - a serious test for leadership: who the first will look away, that lost. If, having met the eyes of you, your cat blinks or takes a look aside, so it does not apply for a title of the most important at all.

The tail at cats, as well as an eye, is a window to the soul. Tail pipe means demonstration of self-confidence and pride. The weakened tail tip (a tail hook ) means joyful excitement, an anticipation of an entertainment or game. Slow waves of a tail speak about irritation, and twitching by an intense tail - caution.

A grooming - continuous licking shows that the cat is in a stress. Some animals so suffer from the nervous situation reigning around that they rub themselves language and pads to not healing wounds. Such it is necessary to show to veterinarians. Less diligent cats can offer cat`s mint. It is on sale in pet-shops in the form of a dry grass which is easy for spreading out in toys of your cat. Only do not give to cats a valerian if you do not want that your friend became an alcoholic.

The back a wheel at cats happens during a pandiculation after a dream or a tasty lunch. But if at the same time at it wool puffs up, ears are taken away back and it lashes, then it speaks about rage or irritation: she did not solve, to attack or run away. Before attack the cat presses ears to the head even stronger, and lowers moustaches down.

Extending a paw forward, cats ask that they paid attention to them: played, fed. Stroking of the person a pad, especially on a face and the head - a sign of attachment and tenderness. Just the same manifestation of love - massage of the owner pads.

The cat who began to adopt human habits is absolutely happy with life and the owners. It is happy with you.

Evening and night wakefulnesses are absolutely normal for our night hunters: at this time they have an activity peak, they need to spend energy. Therefore she is better to play vigorously with a cat before going to bed, then, perhaps, will not disturb you at night. Important before evening races to clean a cat`s tray. Intestines work for cats at night better, and such neatniks will not go to a dirty toilet.

Cats sympathetic and grateful animals. The cat will fall in love with you if you want it: it is just necessary to love this four-footed miracle.