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Advice to women who only dream of the kid.

the Letter to a stork. you bring

In a cradle of children, let it nobody saw

I itself, we Will trust, wait for

and day and night

to Help to be executed to dreams!

was not as if difficult at the beginning.

That did not go on to us doctors,

Arrive rather and on a threshold

to us cry out the Joyful message!

Already long time your family waits for the kid, and the stork does not fly to you in any way.... And here you decided to go to the doctor and for the first time read at yourself in the card the scary word infertility . be not frightened by

- it is not a sentence. Further inspections, bazalny temperature in the mornings, tablets, pricks, unpleasant procedures begin. But you want that in your family the children`s laughter was distributed? Means you will continue to punch this wall .

Passing treatment, women very often can hear: Distract, stop to plan . you agree

with the doctor, but how to make it? How to stop thinking if the girlfriend called and reported that she will become a mother soon. What at this moment happens to you? Instead of pleasure for it, you begin panic, fear for yourself and... yes, admit to yourself - envy. But will pass hour two and you will begin to perceive this news already more quietly.

How to stop so reacting and beginning to enjoy life? I Will tell

about own experience.

1. After long wandering on doctors , got down also all the rest connected with it, to me the doctor from God absolutely happened. In the first visit to this person to me his phrase was remembered:

There are no infertile women if all bodies at it on the place. There are doctors who are not able or do not want to be able to treat. I do not know why, but this phrase gave hope to me. But before it happened, I passed 8 doctors who made a helpless gesture. Therefore today I am absolutely sure that to each woman the doctor who is necessary to her will meet. Also there will be it in due time and in the right place.

2. Once, I went to the temple and decided to approach the priest with the question. I asked: Why my prayers do not reach? At first I did not understand the answer of the father. Here that he answered:

They will reach, trust, but only when your request forces you to the knees. I remembered his words after a while. There was a moment when there occurred such despair that I with tears was kneeling to an icon and asked either to help, or to stop all my torments and wanderings on doctors. And then I understood - that the prayer was heard, it needs to be said very sincerely. In a week I met the doctor, and in a month the first progress began.

And here that doctors advise:

That to rastsiklitsya it is necessary:

- to believe in success and for a minute forget not to doubt

about tests, thermometers and favorable days, all this is necessary for diagnostics

only at the beginning - stop thinking about yourself and to torment the poor husband with the today it is necessary, tomorrow will be late. It not the car for fertilization. Switch the attention to others, be engaged in good deeds. Look back, can it is time help parents, brothers, sisters? Look at the husband - he so needs your love and attention...

- do not forget that your child looks for you too, and nervous and sad mother to him is not necessary to

3. the opinion that if spouses very much want the child, think of it every second, then the organism resists Exists. Therefore forget that you want and let there will be the fact that heaven wants.

Trust. Hope. Wait. Be happy!