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In what fur coat to dress up herring?

Are salads which do not need advertizing. Herring under a " fur coat; - one of them.

I Offer you three ways of preparation of this magnificent festive dish.

Way 1. Classical. the Favourite among men of all age and tastes! Take

a flat dish.

1 - y a layer: fat salty herring (chopped);

2 - y a layer: the onions which are (small cut);

3 - y a layer: the boiled potato (small cut);

4 - y a layer: the cooked carrots (small polished);

5 - y a layer: the beet (grated);

6 - y a layer: mayonnaise;

7 - y a layer: we strew with a polished yolk of boiled egg.

Way 2. Mixed.

Boiled potatoes, beet, carrots to clear, cut in cubes and to dress all vegetables separately with mayonnaise.

1 - y a layer: vegetables and greens;

2 - y a layer: herring (pieces);

3 - y a layer: vegetables and greens;

4 - y a layer: beet;

5 - y a layer: mayonnaise and greens.

Way 3. Juicy - with apples.

Boil beet and carrots, clear, grate, slightly add some salt. Too grate apples. The plate is necessary deep.

1 - y a layer: a half from all herring made on salad;

2 - y a layer: half of beet;

3 - y a layer: half of carrots;

4 - y a layer: half of apples;

5 - y a layer: mayonnaise;

6 - y a layer: the remained herring;

7 - y a layer: the remained beet;

8 - y a layer: the remained carrots;

9 - y a layer: the remained apples;

10 - y a layer: mayonnaise. it is better for

to take Apples turned sour - sweet grades (for example, an antonovka).

Can be replaced in this salad apples with eggs. It will turn out not less tasty!

can add a layer of the crushed walnuts To the same salad. But it on the fan!

General recommendations.

Herring under a fur coat has to stand in the cool place of hours 5 - 6 properly to become impregnated.

If herring very salty, you can soak it in milk or tea.

Mayonnaise at a flood of salad can be poured in a plastic bag, to cut off at it a corner and it is beautiful to ornament salad vitushka, for example. Salad will turn out less fat, but very tasty and beautiful.

For the true taste is recommended to take herring whole (from banks or from a barrel), not pieces in oil at all.

to cook Beet separately from other vegetables.

Beet will cook quicker if to make it the next way. Put it in a pan, fill in with cold water and as soon as water begins to boil, note time. Beet has to boil only hour. Then remove it from fire and put a pan for 10 minutes under a stream of cold water. After that beet will be ready!

Bon appetit!