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How to protect eyes in the spring? We choose sunglasses of

you promptly jump out on the dazzling spring street and... you blink. To eyes it is sick on a bright sun. Here also wrinkles at eyes appear.

Immediately put on glasses! No, with sight at you everything is all right, points are necessary sun-protection.

The scale of the points which are available on sale is huge. It is easy to choose glasses to a handbag, to a jacket, to a hairdress. There are pink glasses, brightly yellow, blue. But nevertheless, we recommend traditional, light-brown.

The sun strongly influences sight, especially, ultra-violet part of its radiation, but not all fashion glasses protect from it.

Of course, it is tempting to stand out turquoise, violet, or lilac color wearing spectacles as at Mikhail Samuelyevich Panikovsky, but we do not recommend it.

The excess sunlight injures eyes. Small daily injuries of eyes collect, and sight begins to weaken. The most dangerous is dark ultra-violet light (soft And and rigid In ranges). Also blue light of a visible range is almost so dangerous (Xing - violet, blue, Xing - blue).

The rigid ultraviolet " is harmful to a cornea; In . In dangerous quantities it is possible to face it on highlands, at electric welding and from bactericidal lamps.

The soft ultraviolet " is dangerous to a crystalline lens and a retina; And . It accelerates development of a cataract.

And, at last, blue visible light. Along with UF - And it is capable to cause retina burns. It is one of the reasons of age losses of sight. Harm of blue light increases at water.

At the average person visual acuity by a retirement age falls three times and more in comparison with initial. By 50 years of a problem with sight arise almost at all. People with diseases of eyes, the polar explorers, climbers, mountain skiers, programmers spending a long time near the display screen, blondes and children treat risk groups.

It is necessary to tell about children separately. The hour spent by the child on bright solar to light on harm for a retina is comparable with 3 - mya for hours for 35 - the summer person.

There is an illusion that any dark glasses prevent injury of eyes. It`s not true. The most dangerous - use of dark glasses with the raised transmission of harmful components of light.

Blackout wearing spectacles expands a pupil and, therefore, gets into eyes more, than in general without points, soft UF - And yes blue light. And instead of protecting eyes, such points hold up eyes to dangerous beams. Dark glasses with ultra-violet and blue " windows; meet very often.

There is no opportunity to define spectral characteristics of points directly in shop at you, of course. Therefore just listen to opinion of experts:

do not buy glasses through which you see the world blue, blue, or violet. In them you risk to spoil sight for one solar summer;

try to buy glasses of brown, greenish, yellow, orange shades;

as additional criterion for the choice of good points what in them you see best of all and easier in the afternoon, than without them can serve.

Upon purchase of import points pay attention to the standard guaranteeing necessary degree of protection: ANSI - the standard of the USA, DIN - Germany, BS - Great Britain, AS - Australia. Cosmetic points are not sun-protection, but they, at least, will not do additional harm.

Eyes differently perceive colors of a visible range. One colors (green, yellow, orange, red) have positive effect on visual functions, others (Xing - violet, blue, Xing - blue) - negative.

Prevalence Xing - violet part of a range slows down rate of thinking and motility of the person. During the long work at the computer - headaches, fatigue, irritability develop. Prevalence Xing - blue - strengthens effect of dispersion of light (it causes danger of patches of light from headlights of oncoming cars).

In general, according to many professionals, there is no sense at all to let out colourless lenses - any points better to paint in light-yellow color. We hope that all manufacturers of points will guess before soon, and colourless glasses wearing spectacles just will not be.