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How to win against an illness by means of animals?

very few people from physicians will begin to doubt Today efficiency of treatment by means of animals (animoterapiya). Each pet, if the owner really loves him, is capable to facilitate a condition of the patient, and sometimes even completely to eliminate symptoms of the disease elder brother .

The only thing that people need to remember: foreign animals do not suit for an animoterapiya - you have to be emotionally connected with an animal, understand each other, then the result of communication will pleasantly surprise you.

So, dog. Atherosclerosis, excess weight, a stress, heart troubles and blood circulations, rheumatism can leave you alone if at least on half an hour twice a day to walk your pet (and at the same time to move and breathe fresh air). And still the dog can life an excellent hot-water bottle which besides delays pain at radiculitis and osteochondrosis. Contains in saliva of a dog lizotsy which protects from bacteria and helps to heal wounds.

The cat can be the excellent hot-water bottle facilitating a state at arthritis and an inflammation of appendages too. Stroking of a cat on a hair calms nerves, reduces a blood pressure and normalizes pulse, and also reduces stress so well that it is capable to facilitate withdrawal pains alcoholics and addicts. Cats perfectly affect mentality of children, relieve whimsical children of concentration on themselves, the main thing to communicate as often as possible.

Birds (a parrot, a canary and other) help from migraines, improve mood of owners. Communication with birdies is useful for the people forced to lie in a bed, having depressions.

Rabbits, hamsters, mice and others cellular - quadrupeds facilitate a state at diseases of joints, help the closed and diffident people to win against fear of communication, for example, to children at conflict situations school.

The horse can be a doctor at violations oporno - the motive device, atherosclerosis, cherepno - brain injuries, prostatitis, at diseases zheludochno - an intestinal path, scoliosis, poliomyelitis, intellectual backwardness. Communication with a horse helps to cope with consequences of strokes, reduces a hyperactivity and painful excitability.

During riding of people it is shaken in three directions: to the left - to the right, forward - back, up - down. It develops mobility, sense of equilibrium, improves coordination of movements. Improvement is guaranteed even if to be engaged in riding not less than one hour a week.

Scientists were convinced long ago that the well-groomed aquarium with water inhabitants in the house guarantees to the owner sincere health and pleasure. At the owner of fishes intellectual level increases, the person makes less serious mistakes in life, seeks to spend more time with a family.

Small fishes facilitate a state at cold, asthma, neurosises, sleeplessness, neurodermatitis. Only small fish to a small fish discord: possibly, you should not get a shark or piranhas, and that instead of treatment it is possible to sustain injuries also. However, to whom that on temper

Communication with manual dolphins helps the suffering autism. Dolphins well influence people, the suffering heavy depressions. Many researchers believe that they make special therapeutic impact on reason and a state of mind of the person. Contact with dolphins exerts powerful emotional impact on some insane, swimming with these animals raises their tone much more effectively, than any antidepressants.

In many American prisons the program of active therapy by means of pets during which aggressive and unbalanced prisoners can contact to different animals is carried out. Animals give to prisoners the chance to communicate bravely, to show the attachment and potentially put desire to take care of somebody, without being afraid that you will be rejected. Looking after a weak being who completely depends on them, trusts them, prisoners find some purpose in life. It also often wakes up at them self-respect what no therapy gives.

So, maybe, we should not wait for special vital circumstances and already today with love to take care of dumb animals?!