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Whether to trust To Diagnostics of a karma ?

On topic of the day. Last article about observance of a post caused a set of responses, and therefore not so much from own spirituality how many starving, - again to soul!

Lazar`s Song about diagnostics of a karma it was partially studied by me years five - six (it is about the second book of a cycle) to that . In whirl of days and events I did not take into head why the book which by many applied provisions is reflection of my own relation to the world, does not cause in me special delight and furthermore desires to make it the spiritual guide to action, the adviser and the keeper of mine immanent I .

Really, Master and Margarita - tutochka, on the edge of a table, all splodgy with oil spots, pages are shabby, cover is absent and where it is - it is unknown. Philosophers - Camus, Montaigne, Seneca, the misogynist this Schopenhauer - over there - all hid in a case and a look at all not so ceremonial. The bible with the bent corners of pages reproachfully questions from the shelf: That you, the swine, do not use bookmarks ? D. Andreyev from a cover, with insult - crumpled with a prisoner look . And Lazarev on the top flaunts by itself, shining with a glossy back - well though now again in shop.

It at me the karma is impaired a little, - I say to myself, - Can at me the chakra is punched in ten places as a regimental banner, and pryot in holes all evil spirits of world around and all parallel worlds .

Arrogance! Oh, it will finish me as one character taverns and maids, to prison.

The Person wrote the book, - again I argue with myself, - nearly died, according to him at practical experiences, and you did not like. You did not realize in any way that the highest entities of the parallel worlds wish well to you and therefore they at first harmless (well, will send a likhomanka what like cold) poison you with illnesses. If you do not grow stronger spiritually, then cancer, or there a stroke with ischemia and if absolutely dull and so for terrestrial seized what not to tear off, - can and attach under the car or under the falling brick .

* The Brick unexpectedly - was impressively killed by the unknown, - to nobody and never the head will fall down . Precisely - will not fall down, only we for some reason forget, who told it. The thought about the purpose and means for its achievement merged with them in indissoluble dialectic unity and all correctness and pathetics new Lazar suddenly shrank and disappeared. Here this book lies before me and there is in it no line to which it would be possible to object in essence. All this book is through correct, I would tell, to nausea. So what to you, a parasite, still it is necessary, - you ask me, - that you, the blockhead, honest the people confuse also on thought sinful and spiritless to rouse acts endeavor ?

You see Petrovich, - S. N Lazarev to which into the thin parallel worlds to get as in a booth behind cigarettes to be winded says to me, - we are imperfect with you spiritually. Here the highest entities to us also podsoblyat by the kindness. Here at the woman of that the baby will have to be born, very spiritual boy is promised to be, but will not give rise, a stervoza if it - so and so. And here we it so - there - and even there if does not realize, then by all means the genius it will be born and the world will be repeatedly more moral and it is more beautiful. The karma, the brother, - again goes on to me Lazarev, - it is piece such, and if it is stupid as a tree, you will be born a baobab, then will be a baobab one thousand years until you die .

Yes I actually also do not argue, can be, and, most likely, quite so it also is. And a karma, and prichinno - investigative communication, both the thin field and power worlds and entities. I - that in the innocence do not communicate with them, it seems as a snout did not leave. I am more on - simple. And here what I would tell S. N Lazarev, without going deep into difficult dynamics and causality of karmic communications. God in your book at each page is present at a type of a letter (specially now thumbed through about ten), but there is in it neither absolute faith in God, nor absolute love to It, nor absolute hope for It - one inscriptions about it.

It grieves me to speak to the person who gave life for the work that as moral revelation and furthermore the management, it does not suit me. We will be honest and consecutive. You believe in God? What there is God? God is absolute truth and absolute good? Answer yourself these questions. If you answered the first and third in the affirmative, then, following elementary logic, you have to be horrified by only one word - a karma. The karma is a fatality and predefiniteness, the karma is punishments and incalculable tortures, the karma is a relentlessness and cruelty, the karma is a hierarchy, a karma is what there is no gleam of Divine revelation also at, and from all charkas the Devil looks out familiar horned murlo, that is. You want to prove to me that it is Divine laws? I would not want to live in the world created under such laws. There is no absolute without the absolute and if you for a minute believe that the Lord can bear punishment or still what suffering, so you already left it. Where is the highest spiritual entities there is no God. As soon as the essence thought of itself how about some the highest, it disappeared as the essence and arose as hierarchy.

I brought Not the world to you, but a sword - Jesus spoke, but it seems to me that the word soul disappeared from the original. Not the world, but sword to your soul - Jesus spoke. Here and we cost

. On one side the clever highest spiritual entities creating the evil under the law of a karma for good on another - stupid and not absolutely sober Petrovich with this sword and the sparkling board from the child`s tear which is not cost by all future blessed worlds and the Universes. And nearby the gambler Fyodor Mikhaylovich also still is thousands and hundreds of thousands, and there are to us no name and notation

To trust So or not To Diagnostics of a karma ? - you ask me. Absolutely precisely follow all instructions of the author - I will paradoxically advise. Instructions and recommendations in the book are absolutely correct and, I will tell more if the author managed to cure at least one person the technique, he needs already to put a monument. Only for God`s sake, never connect a name of the Lord with punishment and punishment - it you betray it.

The only fragment from the book with which I agree entirely: The Prime cause which created us continues to create us constantly. . The love for God is and there is a realization of such contact .

The developed answer to the highest spiritual entities You will find in the Gospel of Matthew in chapter 23.

S. N. Lazarev also writes as speak on the Odessa Supply about the mother of Russia, and its special spiritual mission and, for it I have too to tell a couple of words, but about it in the last easter to article before the Great holiday of Easter. If, of course, without any abstruse sophistications and intervention of the highest spiritual entities the editor will not send article to personal archive. Vera Vam and spiritual power!

* - Voland`s phrase - a devil (the novel Master and Margarita ).