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How to support a hamster?

Many since the childhood know this fluffy small animal. Hamsters are the amusing animals bringing joy to children and adults. But what they eat and how it is correct to look after them? It appears, this business not simple.

It is necessary to buy young hamsters, but already able to eat independently. They transfer change of a situation easier and are quicker tamed. It is important that the small animal was healthy. At such animal fast reaction, wool smooth, eyes brilliant, live, breath without rattles.

Change of housing can strongly frighten a small animal therefore, having brought a hamster home, let`s it have a rest nothing without disturbing.

These small animals in food are unpretentious. Everything that is eaten by you, with pleasure also they will eat. Their favourite food - grain (buckwheat, oats, pearl barley, wheat, rice, barley, etc.) . Hamsters skhrumat flour products, bread, vegetables, fruit and berries, not fried sunflower seeds, nutlets, croutons.

Besides hamsters eat macaroni and potatoes with pleasure (boiled), protein from the cooked egg, cottage cheese, cheese (low-fat grades) the bread soaked in milk.

But there is a number of products which are not desirable to giving to hamsters. All this what is forbidden to be eaten to the people who are on a diet: fat, salty, sharp, fried, smoked. Sweets are contraindicated too. Citruses and cabbage are harmful to them.

They should not drink water too. The moisture necessary for an organism, they receive from food. That the hamster did not suffer from thirst, give him beet, a garden radish, pumpkin, water-melon crusts, fresh leaves of a plantain, a dandelion, a sedge, etc.

the Hamster a rodent, and his teeth have to be in shape. That foreteeth did not grow long, it is necessary to allow to gnaw to a small animal pieces of a firm tree, to treat them with carrots and the crude peanut.

Sharp change of a type of food can lead to disorder of digestion. During diarrhea the hamster can give oat or rice broth, and also weak solution of margantsovokisly potassium (one kristallik on a floor - water liter) until he does not recover.

Hamsters animals clean. Several times per day they put the hair in order. Not always they manage to cope independently. It is possible to help them, having combed a toothbrush accurately on wool (the head is not scratched).

It is the most convenient to keep hamsters in the special multilevel cages supplied with a wheel. Here he can run across from level on level, turn in a wheel, grind off teeth about twigs. The cage is well ventilated, it is easy to clean it - enough to put forward the pallet from the bottom.

Very important question - a laying. It can be made of sawdust, paper or hay. Sawdust well absorbs smells therefore the cage with them can be cleaned less than when using a paper laying.

Paper is good the fact that it gives to a hamster occupation. He tears it to scraps and constructs to himself a nest in which he will feel much more comfortably. It is important only that paper was soft - napkins or toilet paper.

But the most full-fledged material for construction of a nest - hay. In - the first, the hamster can diversify with it the diet, in - the second - to construct the real apartment house with storerooms, transitions, say, as they do it at liberty.

The wheel is just necessary for a hamster for this purpose to compensate inactive life in a cage. At liberty it in search of food on average runs prior to 12 kilometers one night! And if does not run about in a wheel - will grow fat, and it will have heart troubles.

Hamsters like to have a sleep, but when are awake, they are very mobile. When small animals frolic, will not think for anything that they are big sleepyheads.

Supervision over them gives huge pleasure, especially to children. People often are not able to afford to keep animals in the house. But this little small animal, without taking a lot of place and without demanding big leaving, brings to a family a tranquil pleasure.