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How to praise itself at others?

Do not pay Us for modesty!

(Motto of distributors Herbalife .)

Agree, and all - is pleasant to praise itself!

Though, of course, is much more pleasant when praise you, to hear praises from outside.

And if you, for example do not know, or do not appreciate, or to

Skills of the self-presentation are necessary practically to any person. You live not in the desert, and better if people around know about your advantages. Of course, after long acquaintance to you, maybe, they will notice them, these advantages. Or perhaps is also not present. And you are silent. You were taught that the modesty decorates. Actually is a myth. In life always ahead those who openly speak about the advantages. It is favorable to show modesty only concerning the shortcomings.

However if you are brought up in the spirit of the modesty decorates you enter fight. First of all, with. Then with an environment which got used to your modesty. Think 100 times whether IT is necessary for you?

But if solved - forward!

At first we will carry out preliminary preparation, we will tighten backs, we will get intelligence information.

1. We will make the complete list of the advantages. The very best full.

2. Now we will make the list of the shortcomings. Let`s think how to turn them into advantages. It is possible if not always, then very much, very often. We include also these advantages in the global list.

3. We put down priority degree for you each advantage: what best of all you own, put on the first place. Further we rewrite the list, ranging it on coolness of possession these advantages.

4. Make the table of two columns. Keep in the list only 20% of the advantages. Write down them in the left column (or in right as it is pleasant to whom). Opposite to everyone write down where in what place and at what people you can mention it most favourably.

5. Find this place or group, collective.

6. Attention. Now stop. Learn about leaders and influential people in this group additional information. Any. You will choose that to you it is important then.

7. Now stop. Have a rest. Digest information.

If this group of people is unfamiliar to you, then:

1. At first just add to statements of the leader (better than informal) additional information, casually mentioning high competence of the story-teller. It will cause to you, at least, sympathy. If you have nothing to add, just assent and admit at all that you did not know it. Do not criticize and do not argue. Early!

2. When you deserve kind reputation, at each good comment on you just add accidentally And still I can and a simple language describe the advantages about which it is pertinent to tell in this situation, or achievements in that area about which there is a speech. It is difficult only at first, then will become a habit. It is very good if someone in this propitious moment confirms your words (even if it never was).

3. The universal rule - always find for what to praise the person who positively characterized you.

If this group of people is familiar to you, and they are already informed on your advantages.

1. You should not show everywhere what you abrupt . Even if you seem to yourself that, upstarts and boasters are not loved anywhere. It is not necessary to climb with the councils if you are not asked. Though, of course, from any rules there are exceptions. Act on a situation.

2. But, if asked you for suggestions, then give this advice, having connected it with the facts of the biography, and, as if accidentally, praise yourself. It is difficult only too at first, then will become a habit.

The main thing governed - at first praise others! Sincerely! Even if there is nothing. Simply, on the future. In our cruel world the praise - sincere, but not brought to the etiquette level, - costs much! It you will lift a self-assessment of other people. And the good is remembered long! Sometimes and all life.

Only, praising others, do not forget about yourself, Loved (or Darling). And you will honestly earn reputation of the open, sincere person, and do not miss the benefit!

Good luck!