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How to keep a fur coat from natural fur?

Sledge should be prepared in the summer, and a fur coat - in the spring.

That winter things, especially fur, well remained in the summer, they should be prepared well for storage already now. How to make it?

First of all, attentively examine a fur coat: if the fur was partially felted, comb it not really frequent hairbrush. It is necessary to scratch carefully, since pile tips. Eliminate everything outlined koltuna . Pay special attention to the places subjected to intensive wear - edges of a sleeve, a collar.

If the fur coat became wet, it is necessary to shake a brush from it water. Moisten a brush with alcohol or vodka. Shake water a brush lengthways on pile. For removal of moisture from the fur having curls (for example, astrakhan fur), it is not necessary to use a brush. It is better to take the soft rag moistened with alcohol or vodka.

Cologne can be used only for black and very dark bellows as on light there can be yellow spots. To add to fur gloss, wipe it with the rag moistened with glycerin or vinegar.

If the fur coat is strongly polluted or gets wet through, carry it in a specialized dry-cleaner.

Then fur things properly dry and air on air. Hang up them on a hanger in aired in the room or on air, but in a shadow. It is necessary to dry far away from furnaces and other heating devices. It is impossible to dry the hair dryer or at the battery. Especially naked flame is dangerous.

From too fast drying-out the fur becomes fragile, and an inner side, a leather basis of fur - rigid. Especially avoid a bright sun as the light fur under the influence of direct sunshine turns yellow, and dark gradually becomes colourless.

Carefully shake out fur coats and beat out from a wrong side and not only to get rid of dust, but also to shake out larvae of a moth if they incidentally got to fur.

Now hide a fur coat in a case. But do not put on the shelf. And, especially, do not pack fur into suitcases and dressers and chests. The fur needs fresh air which does not allow an inner side to dry. Coat hanger have to be wide. Thin coat hanger spoil a fur coat form.

The fur coat has to hang and so that to fur it was spacious. The ideal place for storage of a fur coat is the special oil-cloth bag with easy wire struts. And here the bag from blue fabric best of all is suitable for white fur coats, in it it turns yellow less. Only you watch that material did not fade to prevent danger of casual pollution of fur. For the same reason it is impossible to hang up a fur coat from not colored fur near colored things. Fur coats should not hang and near the whitewashed walls - the fur from it spoils.

With fur and woolen products put means from a moth in a case. Well folk remedies - branches of a Labrador tea, geraniums, the dried-up orange-peels, even just fresh newspapers help. Herbs should be laid in small sacks and to place them between things, in pockets and under collars of fur coats. Do not forget time to shake up things in a month - the moth of it very much does not love.

If you more or less quietly transfer a pungent smell of chemical preparations from a moth, then sew up naphthalene, or other means protecting from a moth in a gauze and put in pockets of a fur coat and under a collar. Fur coats cannot be strewed or sprayed chemical preparations. Recommend to air and stir up few times during the summer a fur coat and to replace a preparation from a moth with fresh packing.