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What jokes happen? Attempt of classification not classified

Nervously I warn: it is not the thesis, not the bill on jokes, and not article in the encyclopedia . To capture all subject of jokes in a small note? Ridiculously. And whether it is necessary?

Well, and by itself, there is no word neither about fire safety on apiaries, nor about usefulness of cold rubdowns here, and I know - will come strictly to specify: why? How it was possible not to specify instructions for use by an aqualung in the conditions of the big city?

There is a lot of, it appears, is fans to bandy that in a note is not present . Such I will ask not to read

further: here, actually, there is nothing so you will be exhausted to list. Sit down and write, better. And I as can - simply small chamber research in the blue spring evening, waiting for a dinner.

So, some thoughts of jokes.

First of all. A good joke - a thing absolutely self-sufficient. It may contain the whole novel in which there is both a plot, and convex characters, and a tie - the culmination - an outcome. And it is possible to tell them infinitely. However, not always this occupation was useful for health:

- For what you sit?

- Told a joke.

- And you?

- Listened to a joke.

- And you?

- For laziness! Was at a party. One told a joke. I go home and I think: now, perhaps to inform or tomorrow morning? All right, I think, tomorrow morning it will be in time. Took away at night!

In a good joke is even images . You remember, compositions wrote: Oblomov`s Image . And in jokes is too. Here for example: a rich joke about Vovochka.

Vovochka rushes into a class after a call, and without hello runs for a school desk.

- Faugh, Vovochka, unless so enter a class? Leave and come as your father enters. Vovochk`s

leaves... The door is opened by a kick, Vovochka:

- to Plane my bald skull whom I see - Mar - Ivanna!

- Faugh, Vovochka, leave and enter as your grandfather enters. Vovochk`s

leaves. The door is quietly slightly opened, put Vovochki`s head:

- What, stinkers, did not wait?

I that there are no images here - both Vovochki, and its semi-gangster daddy - the healthy fellow in the stretched trenik, but with a chain on a neck, and grandfathers - the old kingpin in the law? Whole rasskazik.

Besides, jokes are a culturological phenomenon, it is a riddle because nobody ever saw authors of jokes, it is specially impossible to think up a joke. It is possible to compose a sketch, the sketch, a gag, a happening, but not a joke. Jokes essence pure product of collective unconscious. And the speed with which they were carried on the world when yet no Internet - really light was trace.

Jokes happen ridiculous and unhumorous . It is a fundamental sign of a joke. About unhumorous we will not speak. We indignantly sweep aside them. In the company we do not tell, we do not write articles about them.

Remain ridiculous.

Ridiculous jokes are divided first of all into decent and indecent . Indecent jokes come across terribly ridiculous, but in a format of this resource, alas, they do not fit in. Remain decent. They are bearded and not bearded , but a joke borodatost - concept passing: come new generation which do not know them.

Decent ridiculous jokes can be classified by subjects:

Political the American, the Englishman and ours are praised by

that will force a cat to eat mustard. The American is enough a cat and pushes mustard to her in a mouth.

is a violence! - ours protests.

the Englishman puts mustard between two pieces of sausage, the cat eats.

is a deception! - ours then he smears with mustard to a cat under a tail protests, and a cat with we howl licks.

- Pay attention, - says ours - voluntarily and from songs.


Female (about men) and man`s (about blondes)

there goes the wife to business trip per day. Instructs the husband:

- make a breakfast in the Morning, feed children, the senior in school, younger in a garden, during the lunchtime come into a laundry, after work buy so and so, take away children, feed, with the senior lessons, younger esteem, wash the dishes, lay children.

the Husband rose, fed, took away, ran, brought, bought, took away, made lessons, esteemed, washed, laid, fell in a bed... also thinks: If this swine on me gets now - I will not sustain .

Abstract (absurd)

the bandage Comes sick to the doctor, on a leg.

- what you complain of?

- the Head hurts.

- And why a bandage on a leg?

- Slipped.

Professional (medical, musical etc. Recently also computer)

- the Father that such FORMAT C COMPLETE? The father, you what so turned pale - that?

of Literaturno - cinema (about heroes of books and movies)

- As you think, Watson that it means when at night in the sky it is full of stars?

- To good weather, Holmes?

- It means that so far we slept, stole tent from us!

About loonies and addicts (partially adjacent with absurd)

Two addicts in the car.

- Wan, brake, the grandma! Oh, brought down. Wan, again grandma! Brake! Brought down... Vaaan, again grandma...

- Well choooo you... you driving, you also brake....

Children`s (school, about Vovochka)

About animals (mostly fantastic):

Gena works in shop. The Cheburashka comes, asks kilogram of salt.

- you Know, the Cheburashka, I touched the weight somewhere. Give I to you approximately I will fill?

- On a tail to an embankment, a dog green!!!


In shop:

- Meat is? there is no


- And is written " MEAT shop;.

- You never know at me on a shed is written. And there firewood...

National (very thin point - from wildly witty and well-aimed, and to stupidly - bestial)

It is probable, and still some .

But this classification is insignificant. Is Or rather, less essential. Much more important classification of jokes by length . It is not discrete, i.e. it has no list of points, but than a joke is shorter - that it more qualitative . In a joke no excess details and explanations are necessary, sometimes in general one phrase suffices:

- Distances a sickle, I would throw further away! Can be parted with

the long beginning about competitions in hammer throw, about interview at the winner etc. here. But what for? Everything is clear and so... Or here:

- It is not a tail... - the wolf told, and densely reddened.

What here should be explained? As they say, if it is necessary to explain - that should not be explained .

Champions of brevity - unsurpassed by definition - an essence jokes brief:

- Pro-created.

- Prisposobleninets.

, however, the joke and in general as if without words Is:

Sit two Odessa old men. One sighs. The second: Oh, also you do not speak .

But it is the aerobatics clear only in the context of the XX century and only at us.