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What is Nekronomikon?

Nekronomikon - many heard about this book, but very few people know that it is. The name already suggests an idea of death and the other world. So it for creation which excited minds of many great people of antiquity?

The first mentions about Nekronomikone treat the 13th century AD. Originally the book was known under the name Al Azif (in free translation Howl demons of night ) . Her creator the poet Abdul Alkhazred living in one of the provinces of Yemen - Saane is considered (contemporaries considered it mad and obsessed). This person during the travel in search of the highest truth passed through all Middle East and after many years studied a set of mysterious places, according to legends, inhabited by awful demons and other evil spirits. Having grown old, the mad poet moved to Damascus where approximately in 730 - the m wrote to year work of all the life - Al Azif . Scientists of the late Middle Ages incline that the book was made of skin of virgins and is written by blood - but, most likely, it is inventions church tops . Alkhazred said that he saw the city which was built by the race preceding the person in deserts, and also found the great city of Columns - Ir zat al Imad .

The Arab legends say - Ir was built by powerful gin in otherworldly measurement, somewhere near the desert of Rub - Ale - Halley. This city is considered a door in Great Emptiness (mentions of which are present at priests of Servitude, ancient Egyptians and Sumer). The Arab magicians believed that it is possible to get to the mysterious city through very deep meditation, and there to learn Emptiness, so, to receive the power over the world of people and gins (who, on beliefs of ancient Arabs, inhabited the world to people, and then were ground in another dimension and are lulled).

In the 10th century the Greek scientists translated Al Azif also gave it the new name Nekronomikon (from a Greek nekro - the dead, nomos - experience, rules, a postulate). About 1230 the book was written in Latin option, and in the 16th century the manuscript got to the English doctor John Dee who translated it into the native language.

According to historians of modern times, after the translation of the book into English in the world there is a constant number of copies - 96 (as their Christian and Islamic churches tried to destroy). But of them only seven copies are really powerful, they just also open a door on the new level of reality. Rub in the Arab language, one on Ancient Greek, two in Latin and one in English - the most close and full translations of the magic book, the others are allocated with great knowledge, but have some inaccuracies and mistakes. The most known fake is the creation of the same name of G. F. Lavkraft having only the remote similarity to the book Al Azif .

The original contents of this book remain a riddle. But, nevertheless, it is known that there many secrets of Earth and a space are described. Surprisingly but there are certificates that in Nekronomikona many postulates of modern physics and mathematics which became known only at the end of 20 - go centuries were specified. In the book some deities of the previous race are specified - they represent the principles of time, space and infinity, dark and light aspects of the world, eternal chaos and forces of nature. According to the Arab manuscripts it is said that there it is possible to find secrets of human reason and it is easy to seize ability of influence on human mentality.

On Nekronomikona, our Earth has the mysterious force which is represented in an image of the Supreme deity - to Ktulkh (the Internet, well-known on open spaces). In the same place it is told about arrival of race Ancient and falling of mankind as soon as to Ktulkh it is woken (some points of Nekronomikon have something in common with idea of the Apocalypse at Ioann). All these powerful gods, and also various evil spirits of other worlds it is possible to call by means of the book. For this reason many governors and dictators, such as Napoleon, Bismarck, Hitler sought to possess it. After World War II in the USA and the USSR special groups which were engaged in searches of this novel relic were created.

It is much written about this book, and every year there are tens of people who claim that they found one of seven true copies, and on counters thousands of counterfeit editions, more similar to collections of legends lie. Nobody knows that actually Nekronomikon gives and whether the person is capable to learn all his force. Or perhaps it is just fiction mad poet no more, or just the description of the abandoned desert cities which is strongly exaggerated by ancient people. History keeps many secrets - and not all from them is fated to be opened. Nekronomikon at present just beautiful legend which did not find confirmations.