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How to create the website? Part 3. Would like to tell programs

Ya about those programs which can be useful to you and which can use during creation of own website when you learn to do it not on a template.

I will begin with usual Notebook which is included in a standard set of the Windows XP. I also began with this program. Then tried to write programs to others, but as they say, it is simple to pass that with old and fallen in love with all the heart, not so-. Therefore now I not often resort to use of special programs for creation of electronic pages.

In the Notebook there are many pluses and one huge minus. From pluses it would be desirable to allocate: the first - any tags which you will write irrespective of in what language, the notebook will be to understand the main thing when you save the file, specify the correct permission. For example, if the text file of a notebook saves the file about permission of an imya_fayl. txt to save the file in a look to the electronic page, it is necessary to change permission to an imya_fayl. html. Having performed this operation, you will be able to look through your page in the Internet - browsers. And in - the second, through the Notebook you will be able to check any electronic pages directly on the Internet, for this purpose you will need just to click with the right button of a mouse on a web - the page and in a menu item to choose Viewing of HTML - the " code;. Having pressed, you will see the text representing page codes, now you will be able to see as the author of this or that page wrote the creation. I sometimes even specially looked how what thing on the website is correctly written, sometimes compared as these or those tables are written by different authors as they develop style for the website or as it is more convenient to have tags.

It were pluses, now that considerable minus to which sparkles Notebook. All tags which are necessary to you for creation of the page will need to be gathered manually. It is big minus, but I began to study with it and I cannot wean any more. Though in special programs which are intended for creation of the websites all that in the Notebook needs to be entered, will write for you, you will only manage to press the buttons and to insert the text. About these programs the speech will go further.

The second program, after my favourite Notebook is of CatsHtmlV1. 5 . It is already completely automated as I spoke above. It is professional HTML - the editor intended for the users knowing, and also learning the HTML language. There are all buttons of tags, a set of scripts, and also the masters automating and simplifying creation of pages. This program not only will help you to write pages, but also to help to study as buttons all are signed in Russian. So now if you want to highlight the text at yourself on the page in bold type, just press the button and you will have two tags at once. You will need to insert into them the text, and it will be highlighted in bold on your page. You see how everything is simple.

But this program has one more considerable plus. You remember, I in the previous material said, about what I still learned to program as JavaScript, and so in CatsHtmlV1. 5, you will be able to create without problems Java - scripts independently, by means of separate function.

The third program which I would like to recommend you, in my opinion, a little better previous, but that in it to work, without getting confused, it is worth completing at first a course in previous. And name to it of HtmlPad FisherMan 1. 9 .

I will begin with numerous pluses which with pleasure I will attribute to this program. Most important and the most interesting to the beginning site builder is a huge number of references on HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc. It is, in my opinion, huge plusishche. Not for nothing developers so work on this program that already not far off the second version of this remarkable HTML - a notebook. From pluses it is possible to allocate the clear panel with buttons of a fast insert of tags, about what I spoke earlier, work with codings, excellent work with the text (the translation from translitas and back). And important plus which puts this program one line higher than the others are a work with ready templates that is important for the beginning programmer in the HTML language. In this program I tried to work and worked when studied in the Internet - University because, in my opinion, everything that in texts of lectures was not, I found in it, then I had only version 1. 2. As time goes, and with it there`s nothing to be done, you were lucky more, than me therefore this editor has to help you more. At least, I so hope.

The last applet which gave me irreplaceable help and I cannot but just mention it. Clear HTML v. 1. 54 is just a miracle of hands human, it helps to clean all unnecessary gaps and defects your pages, to thereby reduce their size that in a global Network they were quicker loaded. And the biggest plus of the program - it will not influence your text or on contents of design of your website in any way, and will just clean unnecessary, and at the same time will cut down the size for 20 - 30 percent.

One more program, in my opinion, the full and multipurpose, is of Microsoft FrontPage . You will be able to find everything in it above-written and still the small cart of opportunities. In this program you not only will be given an optimum set of buttons, and, say, work as you want, but also will help to construct the website. The huge management which will help not only to beginners to master elements a web - design is written to FrontPage, but also to professionals to improve the skills. This program to this day the most popular, Microsoft practically did not leave chances to competitors.

Only FrontPage - not the free program. So you should buy a box with a disk.

Summing up the result, I want to tell that even the person who is not understanding anything in development of the websites by means of a small application suite can make of nothing a candy. I think, after reading of this material and your short work, on the Internet there will be new websites written by your hands.