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Why to America roads for fools? America eyes of the Russian provincial

of Avtomobilization of America not just absolute, and at least 200 - 300 - percentage because practically each adult family member has the car. Also has not only because he WANTS to have it but because without it it becomes not eligible to travel abroad . On foot there just do not go, it is not accepted. Concept public transport for country towns still exists, and in megalopolises from this transport functions, generally the subway. The public which does not have the car, i.e., practically the lowermost segments of the population uses it. And it is not in small towns at all.

For this reason to drive the car everyone OWES. Respectively are also expensive, both the organization of traffic, and availability of cars are designed for the ordinariest unprepared driver.

Process of purchase and sale of the car takes only a few minutes and does not demand intervention of police bodies. The owner of the car directly in a registration leaf of the car (like our PTS) the hand enters a name of the buyer, the price of sale and undersigns. This piece of paper together with the car - and all is transferred to the buyer. It is possible to become the owner of a car, practically, without rising from a sofa.

And already then the new owner goes to registration office (civil, not police) and registers the car. A basic purpose of registration - payment of a tax. Will give out kvitochek - a sticker on registration number with the indication of date when the tax ends. You will delay - your problems, and rather big. The penalty is more than tax, besides trouble. Will give also number - one, back. Forward concerns nobody, the police usually catches up behind. Numbers in each staff different. Identical color, name and emblem of staff. Therefore at cinema so easily define - yes, there was one with Arizonian numbers " here;. In general, the iron friend can choose number most (observance of strict standards, except the size, for this purpose is not required), to order in a tin workshop and it is proud to drive about with the sign kreyz rashn for example, over a rear bumper. Often such exclusive numbers are a quite good gift by some American Day of the father. It is only desirable to be convinced that this your exclusive was brought in base on the car.

In the same office it is possible to pass the test for knowledge of traffic regulations and to get the driver`s license. From medical parameters only sight EXISTENCE in principle, the same clerk in a priborchik - an eyepiece, without any medical commission is checked. The driving license is also the identity card, Americans, mostly, have no other certificate.

A sketch from nature: stands near shop old, but well-groomed fordik type of ours ladybug and the hostess to it leaves corresponding, the lady at least three times middle-aged, with manicure and a hairdress. Vertically keeps only thanks to the commodity cart. I think - the car to it was presented on majority. The attendant of shop helps it to unload purchases. Not without effort the lady takes seat for a wheel - and goes!

The public transport of the city with the population of 300 thousand people is presented by buses which run to timetable (it is possible to take it in any shop). In the schedule trips of buses with a platform for disabled people are allocated especially. Routes are laid only on a straight line, that is or only the North - the South, or only the West - the East. Streets in the cities are located also, and mostly have names of states or other well-known names. But if your route passes on the perpendicular street - that with the same ticket can be made change. The bus ticket has two-hour action, within these two hours it is possible to go round a half of the city with changes. And if the driver trusts your conscience, and it - not your main shortcoming, then with this ticket it is possible to travel about the whole day. At many travel cards, it are much cheaper, than without it at daily trips. And teenagers as well as at us, are able to pass five together according to one travel card.

Each bus has ahead tusks for fastening of bicycles therefore the cycle tourist easily turns into the passenger. A separate fee for the bicycle is not charged.

School buses are the untouchables. The most severe penalty is if you take in head to overtake the bus when it costs at a stop and let out the sign stop on the carriageway. Departure of a chain of school buses after lessons - ritual is not worse than changing of the guard in the Kremlin.

Any city (and in America everything that at us is called as the settlement is considered the city) has the car showroom and the autodump. To buy the car not a problem, and for any money - it is possible Ford for $500, and it is possible also for $50000. The car service meets on two orders less than McDonald`s (except mounting and car wash), and services very much are also very expensive. Car washes continually, cars go a continuous stream. I would tell that, on our concepts, here, if to go on the city, dirt has no place to undertake, and on a sink drive quite pure cars. Such they are neatniks or what decree appeared - once a week to wash, and they horror what law-abiding? And we both have more dirt, and sinks are more rare. But there I never saw on the bank of the river of Rio - the Grandee the bathing car and the washed rugs drying on a grass - such picture for America from area of a fantasy.

The quantity of automobile cemeteries - dismantling - is huge. Of course, at such automobilization of the country coming to unit per capita sometime these autodumps will cover all area of America. But! Everyone a car - stuff costs on a support (as our collective-farm cows at the time of great hunger). And, in process of emergence of need at some car - the ragman, access to a car - to relics is always open. Having passed across America, I can declare - autodumps - a problem! Well, they have near by no Russia which is taking out this stuff on the territory as from the European countries or Japan! The offer considerably exceeds demand, and is unprofitable to be engaged in utilization, probably.

The gas station on - is American counted on satisfaction of the minimum requirements not only the car, but also the driver. It is not necessary to run to the operator`s window, it is possible to dilute independently the gasoline with asinine urine (type to mix 93 with 76, for example) and to wash glasses. Here a toilet (not small architectural forms without lighting and ventilation, and quite typical well-planned American toilet with a cabin for wheelchair invalids), snackbar, the automatic machine for ice (it is one of the most popular goods in the southern states), phone.

NEED to have the car, and even not one, is the next compulsory standard of the American way of life which is not leaving the choice. And dependence of the American car owner on the iron horse adds to it vulnerability.