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How to the customer to understand SEO - the optimizer?

Outside 21st century. Every minute it is more websites in the Network and more. And it is now a little simple to create the website and to register it in search engines. Now it is necessary to fight for the place under the virtual sun. For achievement of treasured first places with searchers your website will be helped by SEO or, in other words, optimization under search engines.

Optimization under search engines are various methods of improvement a web - pages for increase of a rating of the website, and also a package of measures for advance of the website in a network. Legal methods of optimization are: creation methods a web - pages with optimum structure and information filling; the best choice of keywords; effective description and name of the page; registration in catalogs; contextual advertizing; a banner exchange, etc.

Need of advance of the websites generated in a network separate category of people - SEO - optimizers (or simply optimizers raskrutchik ) . But specifics of this kind of activity often cause at negotiations with optimizers cognitive dissonance . I hope, this material will help to understand optimizers and not to be against them prejudiced.

What irritates the customer: Answer to a question of cost.

Frequent version of the answer: we to you will announce Approximate cost. Unfortunately, it is impossible to give exact figure of the prices for advance of a resource.

Why it is not necessary to be irritated: Everything depends on many factors which, anyway, form the prices of advance of the website. Before sounding the prices, it is necessary to carry out the careful analysis - both on the competition, and on the general wishes of the customer. The customer has to understand that optimization, directly, depends on many factors - from change of algorithms of search engines (which will not be able to affect even guru promotion and optimization); from the competition in your environment; from requirements to promotion; from content, design and a usability of your website (can quite be that it is necessary to remake completely content and design). The price can vary both in the smaller party, and in big.

What irritates the customer: Warning of risks.

Frequent version of the answer: Everything can only be worse

Why should not be irritated: risk Degree when carrying out optimization depends on you. There are three ways of carrying out complex promotion and optimization:

White promotion . Everything becomes by rules. Prevention of measures from searchers on to a banning / or decrease in image and reputation of the customer.

Grey promotion . Use some the receptions capable to cause negative reaction in some part of the population and/or refusal of registration of some catalogs ( linkopomoyka buzz - marketing and so forth).

Black promotion . Use of very effective, but deceptive technologies for increase of attendance and quantitative indices of the website ( take-off by the " rocket; substitution of content, dorvea, readdressing, invisible content, cloaking and so forth) The risk to be completely excluded from results of delivery of searchers.

The price respectively too differs, depending on the choice of a way.

What irritates the customer: Refusal of guarantees

Frequent version of the answer: does not have a 100% guarantee

Why should not be irritated: optimizers refuse to guarantee result of the work in concrete numerical parameters, motivating this refusal with the reasons which validity and objectivity cannot be checked to the owner of the website. The owner of the website appears in the situation far from comfort and security. He is forced to take the unfamiliar performer actually the word.

Refusal of guarantees is not a whim of the optimizer. A lot of things depend on factors on which the optimizer cannot exert noticeable impact is and unpredictability of behavior of search engines, changes of algorithms of ranging, action of competitors, technical problems of the Network and a hosting of providers and so on. Really, many reasons can prevent to lift the website on top by concrete inquiry, but even more reasons can prevent the visitor of the website to make a call or to fill in the application. High (or unclear) price of goods or service of a saytovladelets, problem of a usability, problem with marketing, long time maturing the visitor, the overloaded phone lines, the unfair personnel processing calls or applications - all this can prevent the visitor to call, send the application and so on.

In fact, in this case such service rendered by the optimizer already outgrows a framework of search optimization. It is much more difficult service including the analysis of a usability of the website and, perhaps, even elements of administrative consulting.

Understand optimizers - they in every way avoid to bring in contracts exact numerical criteria of efficiency of the services not because lazy and do not want to work. There are good reasons:

Unwillingness to risk remuneration in case of unpredictable actions of searchers and other third parties. The optimizer spent a lot of time, optimizing the customer`s website, and suddenly from - for scheduled maintenance on servers of the searcher the website of the client was gone on two - three days from delivery. The customer on the basis of this fact refuses to pay for work.

Unwillingness to spend time for the excess reporting. Reports take time too, and time is many optimizers consider absolutely unproductive.

Impossibility to precisely predict result.

According to about 8 of 10 clients in the beginning insisting on quantitative guarantees, on the exact cost of services and absence of risks after correctly held negotiations with elements of an educational program are ready to change the requirements. As the wise man spoke - in dialogue the truth is born.