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Whether Sushchestvet fatal communication between water and an illness?

In everyday life each of us and deal every day with water.

the Human body for 60 - 70% consists of water. Water delivers nutrients (vitamins, mineral salts) in organism cages and carries away waste of activity (slags).

Besides, water participates in process of thermal control (sweating) and in the course of breath (the person can breathe dry air, but it is short). For normal work of all systems the person needs to drink at least 1,5 liters of water a day.

The person cannot live without water. Water - a life basis, and to our organism is constantly necessary liquid.

Therefore is important that water which we drink was pure.

Clear drinking water - a source of life and guarantee of health. But not many of us think of it. Even when, having opened the crane, have feeling of fastidiousness at the sight of muddy and unclear color of liquid moreover exhaling an unpleasant smell. Therefore it is important that water which we drink was pure.

We do not wish to think that only one drink of low-quality water can bring an illness. And brings moreover how many.

Louis Pasteur proved that the person drinks 90% of percent of the diseases.

the Water coming to our apartments from a water supply system is very far from ideal. It is promoted by high impurity of reservoirs and a condition of water supply systems. And we and will have today many persons interested to drink tap water from - under the crane.

Water supply systems on which water is delivered to apartments decayed, pipes lost tightness long ago, and it leads to its pollution. All this is reflected in taste, a smell, color of water and ours health.

Drinking water from the crane becomes worse and more dangerous. Danger is constituted by the microorganisms and bacteria and viruses which are contained in water, except them at tap water there are products of their activity.

the ions of heavy metals which are Contained in drinking water (copper, lead, etc.) too extremely harmful thing. Though their share is small, but as they are capable to collect in an organism, can have an effect even after many years.

Many try to find a way out in boiling. But boiling does not destroy all microbes, without speaking about heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, nitrates. Boiled water long is not stored, in it harmful substances are formed. Repeated boiling - is harmful.

The impression is made that our people have no instinct of self-preservation and common sense. At first illogically he ruins the health (how many times scientists proved direct link between growth of incidence among the population and quality of the consumed water) and then makes huge efforts that to correct it.

We start grandiose European-quality repairs in apartments. And still we buy the mass of things not necessary to us, but we postpone acquisition of the filter for later or just we save on its purchase. And during this time to us all set of the table of Mendeleyev gets to an organism. And we forget that consequences of the use of low-quality water can come as immediately, and in several years.

The fact that the money saved by you on purchase of the filter will go to a drugstore to treat diseases.

In many countries water in bottles became the natural and widely used way of consumption. Russians also had a demand for such water. If only producers filled in the qualitative water necessary for normal work of a human body in plastic bottles. And still to us suggest to purify water by means of household filters which become necessary attribute of the house.

You remember:

In spite of the fact that water belongs to the substances which are not forming energy at its use in an organism, but clear drinking water - a source of life and guarantee of health. Without it life is impossible.

Water has to be an obligatory component of a diet of the person for the normal course of physiological processes in our organism.

to the Person needs to observe the drinking mode - a rational order of a water consumption which provides normal vodno - salt balance and creates favorable conditions for activity of an organism.

Chaotic, excessive drink worsens digestion, creates additional loading on warmly - vascular system and kidneys, leads to increase in allocation through kidneys and sweat glands of a number of substances, valuable to an organism.

the Insufficient water consumption also breaks normal activity of an organism: body weight falls, viscosity of blood increases, pulse and breath becomes frequent, there are a thirst and feeling of nausea, working capacity decreases.

the Amount of water entered into an organism with food and drink changes depending on climatic conditions and intensity of a physical activity.

it is desirable for span to Drink water to food. During food harmfully (water carries away with itself the diluted gastric juice that interferes with digestion)

I you remember drink that on the globe the huge amount of water, however, does not suit for drink all. So, we have to protect drinking water. And how many at us water flows away for nothing (to take at least badly adjusted cranes).

Let`s protect and protect water - great gift of the nature and our wealth.