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How to write the scenario of a live party?

Why to script a party? It is not necessary if you are a fan of an impromptu or the master of improvisation. In other cases I recommend to think over the plan of the happening action properly.

It does not make sense to advise what to begin with. My familiar screenwriter, when long sits before an empty sheet of paper, begins with the fact that writes the obscene word, then it seems to it that the first step is taken, and further things are going swimmingly.

But it is necessary to consider the key moments.

The scenario plan Is meant by

sequence of actions. The action (more contractors are involved in it) is more difficult, the in more detail you paint.

17. 00 - 17. 30 Gathering of guests. The string quartet plays a light music. There are fourchette lines.

17. 30 - 17. 40 Animators ask guests to pass in a banquet room, help to find places.

17. 40 - 17. 50 Leader begin evening. Serve to guests cold appetizers.

17. 50 - 18. 20 Performance of jazz collective.

18. 20 - 19. 00 Rewarding.

19. 00 - 19. 10 Performance of dancing collective. Giving of hot appetizers.

19. 10 - 20. 00 Performance of popular musical collective.

20. 00 - 20. 30 Competitions from the leader. Giving of hot.

20. 30 - 21. 15 Performance of popular musical collective.

21. 15 - 21. 45 Master - a class on the Latin American dances.

21. 45 - 22. 00 Fabulous export and distribution of cake.

22. 00 - 24. 00 Disco.


the Wild West (style - a western). Russia, middle of the 19th century, theatrical environment. Carnival. Autorally.

Subject is thought out that it was more cheerful and more various (all of us are a few children, we like to play), or with a definite purpose. For example, to emphasize sense of an event.

That immersion of guests in surroundings of a party worked well, you have to study the chosen subject. Cliche - it is good (we speak western - we mean cowboys, Indians and saloons), but additional historical and just unusual traditions and historical data very much will even be useful to you. It is possible to use the Internet, books, movies, to invite consultants

the Text

Everything that will be told public, it is desirable to write and distribute roles in advance.

The picture

Think over registration of the platform, suits, design invitation, the projective equipment, light registration of the platform.

A sound

of the Substrate for competitions, a soundtrack for dancers, musical style of a disco, works of musical collectives, obligatory for execution.

Special effects

For execution of grandiose ideas can be required fiery show, fireworks, stuntmen

of the Loudspeaker of action

For management of power of a party should be remembered about classics of scenario forms: exposition, development of a plot, culmination, outcome.

What as a result turned out, we write to the table

Time - Action - the Text - Music - Responsible - the Requisite .

The scenario is ready!