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How to avoid poisoning with mushrooms?

Mushrooms - one of the best dishes of Russian cuisine. They replace meat in days of a post that allows to diversify the menu rather modest at this time. From mushrooms it is possible to prepare a set of the most tasty and original dishes. It is possible to salt, pickle, fry, dry and to cook them from them soups, they can be excellent addition to salads, and as second course - are simply irreplaceable. Who, for example, did not taste fried potato with mushrooms? For many people the smell of this dish reminds of the childhood. Remember how came back home in the cold winter evening, opening an entrance door, and from kitchen the bewitching smell of this dish already reached. This is the grandmother carefully made for you a dinner.

And what happiness to descend in the morning in the wood for mushrooms! You go on the wood, silence, tranquility, around trees and flowers, a full unification with the nature, in hands a basket and a penknife, standing gumboots, and you look under each tree, attentively you look under legs, trying to find the mushrooms which are cunning disguised under fallen leaves. And what you test pleasure from each such find. Gathering mushrooms, you calm down, composure is restored, and with filling of a basket the good mood grows!

But mushrooms can be not only edible, but also poisonous, hazardous to health and lives. To avoid poisoning, it is the best of all to conform to the basic rule - not to gather mushrooms which you do not know. The poisonous mushrooms which incidentally got to you to a basket, processed together with edible can cause serious poisonings and complications of health. If all of them got to you to food, immediately see behind consultation a doctor.

As to avoid poisoning with mushrooms? Purchase of specialized literature in which you will be able to read a lot of useful information about mushrooms is simply necessary if you gather in the wood. The poisonous mushrooms similar to edible have distinctive signs. A pale toadstool - the most deadly mushroom. It is easy to recognize her on faintly - a green or olive hat, more dark in the center, and a long leg with filmy rings. One more known since the childhood poisoners - these are fly agarics. They are several types: red, pogankovidny and panterny. At poisoning with fly agarics there are asthma, spasms and faints.

Poisonings with mushrooms occur pretty often. Many consider that in order that to avoid it, it is enough to smell a mushroom before putting in a basket. It is considered that inedible mushrooms have an unpleasant specific smell. But it is impossible to be guided only on a smell at all. Only the knowledge of botanical signs will help to avoid poisoning with mushrooms.

Consequences happen very heavy, and in certain cases, even have a lethal outcome. Let`s consider several reasons of poisoning. Mushrooms are heavy the food, and their overeating, especially for the night, can cause frustration zheludochno - an intestinal path. With chronic diseases of a stomach and liver mushrooms can cause aggravations in people. Poisonings with mushrooms most often occur from - for wrong preparations of this product: badly washed out, boiled insufficiently, not really well fried thoroughly, also they often occur after the use of mushroom canned food, and not mushrooms, but bacteria developing without access of oxygen in corked bank are the reason. Also poisonings arise owing to collecting mushrooms near highways. Such poisonings are connected with the fact that mushrooms are capable to accumulate in the bodies salts of heavy metals, carcinogens of exhaust gases and other harmful substances. In case of detection of symptoms, first of all it is necessary to call the doctor. What will hospitalize the patient, by that a high probability of fast recovery earlier.

Gather mushrooms with advantage for health!