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How to look for work?

With approach of spring at many people appear desire something to change, to change scenery, clothes, the personal relations. Not an exception, and, I would tell, the rule, also the desire to replace the place of work is. Very often at this particular time the number of the people changing or persons interested to change work increases.

As a rule, the insufficient level of compensation or remoteness of work is the reason of change of work. The few from future candidates find time for the qualitative analysis of the previous work and drawing up the list of wishes to the new place. Many do not even analyze why to them it was so uncomfortable at work why so there was no wish to get up in the morning and to go again to this hated office. One of the come candidates to me told that the reason of change of the place of work - remoteness from office, than very much surprised me as to go it was not much closer to it to us, than on the previous place of work. In the course of conversation it became clear that the department of accounts department in which it worked was near sales department, and it could not from - for noise to concentrate at the work which demanded concentration and silence. Imagine if it finds work with working conditions, uncomfortable for it, again, but is slightly closer to the house. Whether for a long time it will be able to hold on on it?

Thus, I advise you at the very beginning of the job search to sit down and analyse, it is desirable in writing - at first that is not pleasant to you in your current work, and then what work you would like. Remember the moments when you wanted to come somewhat quicker to work, it was interesting. Think what it was connected with. For example, you kept the project which very much captured you, demanded from all of you your professional abilities, besides, you had to acquire still independently knowledge for successful delivery of this project. Or opposite, you accept measured rate of work when you can precisely plan not only the working day, and week and even month. And in these conditions you feel most comfortably, and that the most important, you work most effectively.

Also remember at what moment you the first time felt that it is boring for you at work, drearily, and you will not wait in any way when the working day ends. The boredom - the remarkable indicator of the fact that you or outgrew your present position, or something does not suit you in operating conditions. Also remember when and for what reasons you for the first time thought of search of new work. All this will help to define the most important for you criteria in work. You also have to be guided by them by consideration of offers.

After you decided on the most significant conditions, place priorities. Define what criteria are for you on the first place and what you are ready to sacrifice if work approaches, but not in all respects. When all of you it do

, for you there will be obvious an image ideal work . Making a start from this image, you can already look for work, with full confidence that on the near future such work will bring you material and moral pleasure, allowing to achieve maximum efficiency.

If you want to find work in a certain district of Moscow or Moscow area (or any other city), surely specify it in the summary. Write what area for you is the most desirable and also what next areas you are ready to consider still. Specify also the level of the expected salary. If you have a profession which means a salary and percent, write since what sum of a salary you are ready to consider offers. At the end of the summary it is desirable to write that you wait from new work, than you can interest the future employer. For example, you can write what next plans at you, especially, if it directly concerns increase of your professional level. Also you can describe the personal qualities which help you with work. But be ready that on interview you can be asked why you consider yourself as the sociable or creative person. You have to have an example which can confirm your words.

Many candidates, especially by drawing up the first summary, stalkivayutsyas a problem - how correctly and competently to make the summary. Do not invent the bicycle, in any computer there is a " program; Master of the summary (in the Microsoft Office Publisher program). By means of it it is possible to fill the main components of the summary quickly. If you doubt what form of the summary to choose, choose the simplest, but at the same time effective - the standard summary. The second option of drawing up the summary are the www websites. hh. ru, www. superjob. ru where you step by step can make the summary. Besides by means of these websites it is possible to look for employers and to send your summary.

Now about concrete steps on job search. A lot of things depend on whether you work now or not, can hang out the summary in open search on the Internet or not. If you still work, then can leave your summary in the closed access on the above-named websites. If you do not work, an indispensable condition of fast and successful job search is everyday placement of the summary at least on the following websites: www. rabota. ru, www. job. ru, www. zarplata. ru. To once get the summary, but every day to lift it you can on the following websites: www. hh. ru, www. superjob. ru, www. joblist. ru, www. naim. ru. Of course, at each profession - the specifics and the specialized websites. I provide the websites which recruiters and HR managers for search of candidates daily use in this article. Besides placement of the summary, you can set search of vacancies in the necessary parameters for you and send to employers the summaries.

Progress to you in job search!