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Accident or predestination? Our life has

the road which accurately follows the card traced by someone. And we follow on it, even without realizing that perhaps not ourselves create the destiny. But one is clear precisely that if to want, we can change it. We are free to pass by pain, and are free to help. I will tell a story from the life.

Summer. Augustus. Evening. We with the girlfriend come back home after a concert. Instead of passing directly - to the subway, we curtailed. Heavy rain began, we got the umbrella covering only our faces and went on wet streets of Moscow in search of the unknown. The rain became stronger, he felt the power, and it was obviously pleasant to it. I went, and thought about sliding in anywhere life, of its bloody wounds, and that the abyss opens wide before me the mouth more and more widely. And here I saw the cat lying under a pouring rain. It lay without moving, and on asphalt even this damned rain could not wash away a drop of its blood. It was as confirmation of my thoughts. And the cat gave life signs to this moment. We stopped. On closer examination it turned out that it the British breed (so not domestic), and obviously dropped out of a window

We were in the downtown, under a downpour, around not a soul - only we and the dying cat. I felt again the helplessness since where to call in such cases, did not know. Having thought that a balcony from which she jumped off, directly over us, we up to an ankle in water splashed to look for an entrance. Selection of various combinations of a code did not lead to success. Was 23:30, but all of us decided to proorat in dark windows: At whom the koooooshka fell from a window? . The answer did not follow.

We returned to our sufferer. The pussycat appeared hardy, and in time while we ran on pools, managed to crawl away a little from the road. We stood near it and understood that we most likely will not be able to make anything any more. But at this moment, unclear from where, there was a fellow, all wet, completely dressed in black and with black stains from ink under eyes. The fellow appeared from this house and kindly opened for us an entrance door (then having evaporated also in anywhere from where appeared).

In such places I was not yet. Before us there were four doors, and any of them was not the apartment. We opened one and entered. The ladder was promising. Having passed the first two floors, we did not find apartments. On the third our efforts were crowned with success. We called. Silence. Passed on the following floor. Called there. Silence. Nearby one more call - still attempt. Again silence. Dead entrance. Suddenly we heard the voices reaching from below. We went down. Anybody. Came into the door very similar to chulanny. Before us there was a forged spiral staircase. Began to rise and saw the wet traces conducting upward. Here we already felt detectives, and went on a trace.

The first apartment appeared on the third floor. Only we wanted to call as the door opened and from there the mad man jumped out. We blurted out: The Cat fell from a window. You do not know whose? . My cat, washing!!! - the man shouted, already rushing down a ladder. Catching up with it, we on the run shouted as long we looked for it and that are very glad that was found. He blurted out thanks also ran out on the street. Here we saw that at this entrance there is one more entrance. The man seized the bleeding profusely favourite in an armful and incurred home, we wanted to tell still a lot of things to it, but he did not listen to us any more.

Coming back, all - having decided to find the subway, I did not pay attention to the wetted-through squelching sneakers, to the water drops which are flowing down on hands, to peals of a thunder and the sparkling lightnings any more. I suddenly felt all integrity of the personality, all 1000 pieces of mine I merged in one. Also it was not important any more what happens to the cover covering my soul at present. Let my body the main thing - will get wet to the skin, that the most valuable that is in me, is under reliable protection against blotting. When I understood it, even it seemed to me that instead of a lightning the sun sparkled the bright beam - and there were a wish to live further