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How much health of the nation in America? America eyes of the Russian provincial

to Admirers of the American series Ambulance I suggest to break it into three subject lines: tightly professional (fantasy!), lyrical (eh, me Clooney!) and informative. We will not discuss the first and second here, and here on informative - as well as how much to be ill in America - I will try to comment on the established vital facts.

Nothing is appreciated as expensively as health - this postulate belongs to America directly.

Counting on the term of stay in America about one and a half years, before departure I passed a maximum of preventive researches, corrections of health and consultations on the subject And what to do if ? with the authoritative house doctor. Adhering to the common sense, a healthy lifestyle and life experience consisting that the person - rather hardy representative of fauna, created the first-aid kit which went in in a modest cosmetics bag. However before departure received the order from ours there on three pages, the containing assortment list of a decent pharmaceutical booth. Reproached herself with levity and reconsidered the relation to risk own health on a trip to the advanced medical power. As a result at customs the soldier radiating with health looking in each flakonchik to me had to complain with a mournful look on uncountable own an infirmity and impossibility of existence without regular reception of this suitcase of drugs during action of the visa. In the opinion of the customs officer farewell sympathy was guessed.

Already on the place I could estimate the involuntary help of our companions in formation of the first-aid kit of ambulance. The pharmaceutical department is practically in each epicure. Also is on sale there, generally: laxative (for the country with a nation problem of obesity one of the most demanded preparations); means of hygiene (in this row the important place is taken by hygiene of an oral cavity, the smell from a mouth is a sentence surovy gold teeth); aspirin of 20 types; antisoplin 30 types; drops for eyes and great variety of food additives - vitamins and minerals. Drugs in our understanding - to remove symptoms and to cure - no. There are no antibiotics on free sale at all (can, they so in animal husbandry are used that the local medicine understands futility of application by their people, immunity at the nation to antibiotics). If you even know, than it is necessary to be treated - it is necessary to follow the recipe to the doctor (for a fee, certainly). Can write out the minimum dose (5 pieces), did not help - you will come still (again for a fee). On a bubble with medicine your surname, quantity of tablets and a method of application - all is written! The name of medicine - the next patent trademark. I.e., next time, at the same problem, you do not remember any more from what bubble you recovered. And even if remember - such medicine can already and not to be in the nature.

Without health insurance you like the thrill-seeker on beaches of the Polar region in July: it seems should not neither burn, nor catch a cold. But the discount for the Polar region was forgotten to be given. More - less decent insurance takes away three - four hundred dollars on the person. A tooth insurance - separate history. The insurance has no usually accumulative force - you HAVE TO use it in the current year, otherwise it is just lost. Also is accepted not in each medical institution at all. It is good if in it the possibility of distribution on family members is stipulated, it is together easier to find at somebody probable (not obvious!) problems with health. However most often the insured sum comes to an end at diagnostics stage because the cost of diagnostic testings (there was an opportunity to compare) differs from their cost at us in quite decent clinic in tens of times. Now estimate comfort of life at excessive knowledge of problems with the health at impossibility of their decision. It is necessary to you?

The tooth insurance includes a compulsory procedure of bleaching of teeth. These are our stomatologists will offer you a palette of NATURAL shades of tooth enamel, and long in front of the mirror, a consultation from relatives as they of interested party, will choose between light-olive and pale-yellow for your wisdom tooth. In the same place unambiguously the successful person has to have them white! Existence of metal crowns is equated to the diagnosis it is defective and gold - mafia . Therefore you do not hurry to answer an obligatory American smile to the same if are not sure of faultlessness own. Often process of bleaching involves a numerous campaign to the stomatologist already with problems not only the esthetic plan. The minimum cost of reception is about $100. Yes, the equipment can be cool (and can not be), and anesthesia qualitative, and all disposable - sterile. Now attention, estimate a cost difference - the friend after a year of accommodation needed to fit a prosthesis two teeth there and to fill three tooth (before departure order was brought to a mouth!) . After an assessment it appeared that to arrive to Russia, all this to make on the place in good clinic on the import equipment and materials, and to depart back - CHEAPER many times.

the Picture from life. The friend somewhere around midnight was taken by renal colic (who does not know - it is almost labor pains, only happen also at men). Relatives, having intercepted the shivering hand which stretched to phone for a call ambulance warned that an ambulance call - at least $300, at night nobody will be engaged in you, and if there is opportunity, it is better to wait mornings and to arrive to a reception. By means of folk remedies till the morning held on. In a reception, first of all, asked to fill in the questionnaire. Near us the fellow from dislocated right (!) hand had to issue the same piles of papers before assistance. Therefore we determined ourselves still by bureaucratic lucky. In half an hour measured pressure and brought still sheets five forms obligatory to filling. In an hour brought to the tomograph and a X-ray (having again taken the receipt under big, densely filled, a leaf). Pictures did not confirm our house diagnosis. Gave a drug injection (qualitative, couple of days high left). In total. Colic was removed, the truth. The account made $2200 for pictures and in the afternoon in hospital and $600 for services of the therapist (1 hour).

Other picture - a shock from opportunities of their medicine: the foreman of builders, the father of five children, at an extensive stroke put on legs and wrote out for work in 5 (five) days. The cost of this medical achievement made $25000. It is difficult to me to estimate the feeling rescued with a revenue of $30000 and a family in 7 people. The insurance of such sums did not cover, the employer was charged.

Women in labor in America are discharged from maternity hospital for the third day. Put a dityonka in diapers, fasten to a children`s seat - a cradle of a semi-vertical arrangement, and the nurse who at us reports this trembling parcel to hands to the father carries it to the car and seats in a children`s chair. Diapers - baby`s undershirts - caps are not known here. The babies who are not holding a head are dragged on supermarkets, having set up a cradle on a grocery basket or having just taken an armpit (here and my thesis about survivability of the person was confirmed!).

To be ill in America it is not simply expensive, and is inadmissibly expensive! Therefore efforts of the state on improvement of the nation in the form of availability of physical culture and a universal ban of smoking can only be welcomed! Americans are given chance to be healthy and successful, and as they dispose of it - concerns nobody, this their personal record.

Good luck!