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What is vanilla?

would Seem who does not know what is vanilla? And here, it appears, not all know. Vanilla - one of the most known, but also most expensive spices in the world. As, you ask, on any market it can be bought for kopeks. Alas, what you bought on a market it is not vanilla, but vanillin. Vanilla - it is dark - the brown pods twisted in sticks 10 - 20 centimeters long, elastic and oily to the touch.

these Pods - fruits of a long-term liana from family orkhidny. The vanilla homeland - Central America, but now it is grown up in a tropical zone worldwide, from South America and Africa to Ceylon and Tahiti. Fresh-gathered fruits do not smell, but after processing hot water or steam for surfaces of pods allocates an easy raid of needle kristallik of white color. It is vanillin which content in vanilla does not exceed 3 percent. Began to smell it and causes a vanilla smell.

But except it in vanilla there are also other complex organic substances which smell creates a unique bouquet. Therefore aroma of the real vanilla is very resistant. For aromatization of dishes use a vanilla piece which is taken out before giving of a dish on a table.

And white powder in a bag is an or cheap synthetic vanillin, or its mix with icing sugar, so-called vanilla sugar. The smell of vanillin is deprived of a subtlety of aroma of the real vanilla, but is so sharp and strong that one gram replaces it fifty grams of vanilla sticks. To apply vanillin purely difficult, too small portion of powder should be measured. For it dilution or prepare vanilla syrup, or use vanilla sugar.

As a rule, vanilla or its derivatives, enter into sweet dishes: pastries, jam, creams, liqueurs. Most often in already ready, but not cooled down yet dishes - so vanilla remains better. Vanilla is perfectly combined with other spices and with chocolate.

By the way about chocolate. It appears, vanilla promotes overcoming of addiction to chocolate and other tasty things, and, respectively, helps to grow thin. Thereof the volunteers who were constantly carrying special plasters with a vanilla smell lost on average two and a half kilograms more, than representatives of control group.

The smell of vanilla promotes production of hormone of pleasure of serotonin then need for additional pleasure disappears. Vanilla miraculously calms, subdues anger, eliminates irritation. And in general vanillin increases creative abilities, does people sensitive and weakened, creates joyful mood. And not only.

It appears, vanilla especially well affects women. Not only that it increases elasticity, softness of skin, eliminates nervous rash. It fine facilitates life of women in critical days.

How to receive vanilla sugar from vanilla: Small part of a stick of vanilla to pound

in a porcelain mortar with sugar, gradually adding the stick rest to mix until it all is pounded.

How to prepare vanilla syrup from vanillin: the Bag of vanillin to dissolve

in 50 ml of vodka. In a small pan to pour in a glass of water, there to bring 400 grams of sugar and to heat slowly when hashing, sugar syrup is not formed yet. To pour in the cooled-down syrup in vanillin solution in alcohol and to mix.