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Where time escapes?

We often use in the speech such phrases as: the escaping time time flies irrevocability of time and so on. And how often we think of where it really disappears? Why arrows on hours can be stopped, and time is impossible? Questions are almost eternal.

Look at a second hand. As quickly it moves. And minute gradually keeps up with it and if to look narrowly, then it is possible to notice how hour creeps. And where time goes to this moment?

For what, in effect, we spend our precious hours and minutes? Someone on viewing of the TV (the best murderer of time), someone for work (being late on it till late evening), someone on a dream till a lunch (at the same time going to bed not so late), someone on quarrels, gossips and small squabbles (without deriving at the same time the slightest pleasure), someone just on aimless existence. And so day by day, without changing the habitual daily routine.

And can time should be spent differently? How many in terms of hours we communicate with the relatives? So that in the evening, sitting at a family dinner to tell about the spent day, to share experiences and pleasures. And how often we remember about those who do not live with us in one apartment or even in one city?

Perhaps, time stopped in the museums and art galleries. In eternal cloths of ingenious painters and majestic works of sculptors. And maybe, it hid in the photos looking at us from a set of the frames decorating walls in the apartment. And still it for certain lives at tops of the mountains directed in the sky. And at someone time lodged under a sofa, in the subject which fell under it and forgotten long ago.

Time is given us in order that we learned to appreciate it. It reminds of itself constantly: in the first wrinkle on a face, in the first silvering of hair, in the first, and then and second replacement of the passport, in addition to a name - middle names, in obtaining the school certificate and the bachelor`s degree (and earlier it seemed that school and student`s years will last eternally), in ezhesezonny updating of the nature, in the expired expiration date on cream, in the wiped hole on jeans, it would seem recently bought, on the mold formed on bread after several days of lying It is possible to list infinitely, the same as it is infinitely possible to spend time for nothing.

And as it is pleasant to feel time, observing as your child grows up: as he gets stronger, takes the first steps and pronounces the first word, and then goes to school. Also it is possible to live together with it life anew and to give it so much how many you can give and explain how all - it is necessary to distribute time correctly. And to try to help it with it, trying not to miss the.

Time is ruthless and relentless. It continues the course, despite everything. And a personal record of everyone to notice its existence or to ignore only a look for hours, but anyway, it is possible to change time course, only, living the life so that looking back not to regret for anything. That each lived instant was lived not for nothing. Time - our eternal enemy and the eternal friend. And in our interests to have such ally.