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How to pull out? Whether

Can brag somebody that he is not familiar with a depression at all?

of Feeling of take-off and falling are familiar to all. The depression comes when in the lower point, from - for momentary (in universal scale) and seeming unsoluble (for the concrete moment) problems, we absolutely forget that how events were developed now, the subsequent take-off will always be though we also delay it a heart-searching, pity to ourselves and charges to others.

I suggest to try to bring closer this take-off.

should not load itself with work that there was no time to think: as everything is started well why I so am not lucky what I am an unlucky person as I am unfortunate etc., etc. Catch only the productive thought sometimes coming to our mind at such moments, it - What to do?

of NB: That this thought came to a thicket to our mind, I suggest to write down it. Of course, it is not simple to scribble somewhere as exercise on spelling, and in large print on rather big sheet of paper (you can make to yourself the poster) to write WHAT NEEDS to be DONE? and to put or hang up this leaf where it it will be frequent in the eyes.

Krom of all other advantages, after application of the offered technique, it will be a good starting point for new undertakings and farewell to a depression. Seeing off, a request to be removed. Tu - that - let`s roll! we Will take

the deepest depression when there is a wish to do nothing and there is no wish to think of anything, that is, in general - ChE - GO HE XO - COUPLES - SYa. And if there is a wish, then it is could not. Or on the contrary, in principle everything is could, there is only a wish for nothing. And in general, all is so bad! or and anybody - there is nobody nearby! or as all got me! or …

the Final phrase in this state, for fun or seriously, sounds: to hang, perhaps?

of Feet! that - that, and you will always be in time! Still nobody was late for a next world!

If very much wants - present that you already made it, and you, such what is &ndash now; already in the past.

Further I suggest to carry out some ritual . Here under ritual I mean a state alone with myself (the best interlocutor) without the distracting factors. The main thing that this action did not demand additional resources and that nobody could prevent you.

For example to soak in a bathroom with a cigarette and a glass of wine; in a beautiful dezabil or nude to drink a coffee cup by candlelight; to shirk work and to walk on park or old small streets, or where legs will incur . Take with yourself a dictophone, or a pencil and a notebook.

For a start reflect aloud over what in this life is pleasant to you and it is not pleasant to do. Write down the thoughts in two columns. After a dictophone it is necessary to write &ndash too; presentation, in this case, very much helps. Try to remember and consider as much as possible occupations.

the Following stage (that who in a bathroom - it is possible to get out).

Try to develop as much as possible each point (and those that are pleasant, and that are not pleasant, and what was not tried, but wanted to try).

For example:

At school you liked to draw treugolnichka on fields.

we Will dream up where and as it can be applied.

the Teacher of geometry, the designer (something), the artist the impressionist, the owner of production of stationery (you saw modern notebooks?) a web - the designer etc., and at all not other

Or you never dealt with horses, but they to you, in principle, are nice.

Options: the groom, the jockey, the specialist in removal of new breeds, the veterinarian, the manufacturer, the owner of firm on hire of cabriolets, the driver, the owner of a cool race horse who takes prizes on jumps, etc.

In general, it is better to make the list it is system and legible. It is useful to you when the next depression creeps (and she, of course, will visit us from time to time). Points will pass from a column into a column, something will increase, something will disappear; criteria of the choice of the purpose will change. But the most important, a basis, you already created!

Two main objectives of this list:

1. How imaginations from the « column were tempting; it is not pleasant do not spend on them time - this obviously not yours, and satisfactions will never bring. By the way, look whether is not present in this list of your current professional activity.

2. Estimate boundless quantity of opportunities which you bravely can offer yourself!

Already easier? We pass to the following stage.

the Stage mixed. Can call it Arrangement of priorities and it is possible not to call.

At this moment covers us not only enthusiasm, but also doubts: It is So much roads what to choose? It is not obligatory to look for only true At all. Something - for money, something - as a hobby, well and, of course, that to prove something to someone. Of course, if all this connects in one - it will be very pleasant.

What else it is possible to do further with the list?

- to Write out most quicker attainable aims.

- is the simplest to Write out attainable aims.

- to Write out the most desired purposes.

of Etc. (add important for you personally criteria)

Further , we describe attributes of each purpose as much as possible in detail. we will take

From the previous example prospect to become the owner of firm on hire of horse cabriolets (the truth, you saw horses only at cinema).

Begin to dream on this subject and present what will surround you in this quality. The ancient castle with extensive park in French riviera, interesting people, not dull life with traveling on the branches scattered worldwide, …?

Dreamed up? And now we make as much as possible step-by-step plan of its achievement in the following look: on the &ndash center; step, on the right - what can help, &ndash at the left; what can prevent. We paint as far as to us the help is available, and obstacles are how surmountable.


Though, after drawing up and study of such list, for an exit from a depression, already and it is not obligatory for you to work. It is rather simple to estimate the list of the opportunities, to dream: And if I throw all now, and I will be engaged, for example, … . And your mood WILL IMPROVE!

Of course, all this can be used not only for an exit from a depression, but also before its approach. When feeling of disappointment the life only begins to appear, or you feel at the deadlock.

So why is about a depression? Why not to call article, for example, Forward, to communism victory ?

Unfortunately, in a condition of clemency and satisfaction very few people think of changes. Why something to change if all and is so beautiful? And to start advance (on the law of energy conservation) the push, and, and, very notable is necessary.