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How to create the website? Part 2. The Internet - University

After I made the website on a template, to me it was a little bit inconvenient, it seems I made it, and someone for me. Therefore I went to study to the Internet - University. It is not the website, but the real moneybox of knowledge in the sphere of computer technologies and developments of the Internet.

The full name of the website - the Internet - University of Information Technologies (intuit. ru). The most interesting that it is the private project, and the state it is not financed. The university works on system of distance learning.

At the moment you will be able to complete more than 125 courses, and after their termination to gain the diploma. It is possible to be trained or with electronic version of the textbook, or to order the book directly on the website. It is very convenient. By the way, many courses passed certification in uchebno - methodical associations of higher education institutions.

If you thought that courses are created by developers, then you are deeply mistaken. Programs and examinations for the website are developed by professors and teachers of the Russian and foreign higher education institutions, employees scientifically - research institutes, employees of the state organizations and representatives of business. So - all top-level.

In my opinion, the main thing that here it is possible to begin to study from any age. Not important - to you 14 or 44, all of you can equally complete a course and gain the necessary knowledge which will be consolidated by the diploma. And still it is important that training here free, it is necessary to pay only at the end for delivery of the diploma which can be shown then to the employer; if you want the diploma of the state sample then it is necessary to study according to the paid program of one of higher education institutions.

Except all above described benefits you can study how many to your soul it will be wished - it is possible to pass one course at least ten years, and all the same you will not be deducted. Tell, conveniently? And the most important, any entrance examinations is not provided. Hurrah! the lowest passing score is not necessary, now you will be able to study at any time and in any place as it was done by me.

When I for the first time registered in the Internet - university, chose the course Introduction to HTML and then, naturally, went further and began to study the following, more difficult courses.

My training took place thus. Once a week I visited the website, sometimes two times, and passed test, after delivery of all offsets it is necessary to write examination in all course. What was I engaged all week in? I read materials which are given before offset. These are, about, ten leaves of the A4 format. Having carefully studied, it was possible to come to hand over. Once I even tried to pass examination without attending lectures because there was already a laziness to finish two last offsets, but did not gain five percent for a positive assessment. Offensively. It was necessary to return and learn all over again successfully to graduate. But the annoying that on the website there are not enough examples so it was necessary to stay at home and experiment with tags (these are alphabetic records which write the website) to understand how everything becomes and that from what turns out.

After I at last completed the course Introduction to HTML I tried to write the website itself, without templates. At first at me it turned out very clumsily, but in a month I could already make the first version of the personal website which was devoted to track and field athletics in Republic of Belarus. Over time the website grew and was improved. Then there was its second version - corrected. And soon I understood that my knowledge reached a deadlock, and now it was necessary to think out something new, more modern, what could facilitate to me life at addition of news, photos, video of files, programs, results and other information.

Again I was helped by the Internet - University (intuit. ru). There was one more course which helped me to learn to program on JavaScript, it and was called - Introduction to JavaScript . Again the weeks devoted to materials which the university gave me and as a result began and this course was handed over.

But as then it became clear, the hosting of ru could not read the files written in the JavaScript language therefore all my website had to be thrown on ru because it allowed to work with Java scripts. After persistent work I nevertheless could remake all design of the website - it was already the third version, it and final. On everything at me about two years left. So if you are assidious and you want to learn to do the beautiful websites, then - you study, and it is unimportant how many on it it will be required to you time, the main thing what from it will be result.

Kohl I started talking about the Internet - University, I cannot but mention huge plus for girlfriends who always suffer at informatics lessons, convulsively teach Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel, and as a result spoil to themselves so many nerves at passing an examination or examination on informatics that just for them is offensive for me. My word upon it. As it appeared, not me to one. The Internet - University is ready to help you therefore made very many courses devoted to introduction to the standard Microsoft Office programs and by the Windows XP. Thereby, in my opinion, he helped to save a quantity of nervous cages to our lovely ladies.

And, putting end, I want to tell what will study you it is definitely because on the website there is a forum where the same the Internet - University will be able always to help you not boring, to discuss new technologists and just to share council, to tell stories and just to talk.

So, coming to the Internet - University as I already said though since ten years, you open a moneybox of boundless information knowledge which precisely will help you with life as it helped me during creation of the websites.

And then to study never late? It`s true.