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How to win against a depression?

the Set of articles are written how to get rid of a depression. The set of advice is given unexpected and disputable. But there is one easy way to win against a depression, so effective, how seldom mentioned.

Everything that you need - to relieve of a depression someone another.

It is necessary to make a reservation, of course, at once - it is about a depression not as about the diagnosis of the doctor - the professional, and as about that diagnosis which is made most often by ourselves, complaining I have a depression .

Believe, it is much easier to relieve of such depression someone another, than to cure itself.

In - the first the matter is that when you try to relieve yourself of a depression, you involuntarily think of it and you plunge into it. It is good if you are capable to pull out yourself from a depression with greater speed, than you plunge into it. When you try to pull out from a depression someone another, you is free and involuntarily think of ways, means and the joyful end result, these thoughts and you push out from a depression as buoyancy force.

In - the second, you receive two means entering a top at once - 10 depression medicine - pleasure of friends and strengthening of a self-assessment. These two means by itself are a part of result of your successful activities for disposal nice to you the person from a depression (the acute reader, of course, will guess if not now, then a bit later that also disposal nice - or even unfamiliar - the person from bad mood will approach; and even the mood raising to the person at whom and so, it seems, everything is normal is simple).

you noticed that we sometimes love more those who were rescued, than those who rescued us? Why? Yes at least because rescue of other person gives us more confidence in the forces and self-respect.

In - the third, such is the mechanism of rescue of the person from a depression that the part of miracle medicine (about which the patient reader will read slightly below) will come the way also of the one who prepares this medicine. That is to you.

In - the fourth if you relieve someone of a depression, that is probability that there will be someone who will relieve you. Someone can declare that it is the cruel world and you should not count on it. But I can guarantee that so far in this world there are I, in this world there is a person ready sometimes to try and lighten mood to another even if at most at this moment of a cat scrape at heart. if you read up

I to this place, I have the reasons to assume that I am not one such.

And now - several words about that miracle cure by means of which you cure all whom only want.

Forget about tablets! - everything that it is necessary for you - it is love. Love and care. also other means Are. But love and care - main. With them you will combine the means provided below for achievement of the best result.

I will remind only of several elementary means. You will be able to combine them with the most effective - love and care.

Chemistry. Feed the person with bananas or present him a chocolate. Bananas contain serotonin. Is in chocolate feniletilamin - helps well, but only to women - and serotonin too. But you remember: the presented chocolate contains more pleasure, than in bought.

Sun, fresh air and physical activity. It is desirable in a combination. It is possible to lie down and sunbathe. It is possible to approach a window - to breathe fresh air. It is possible to descend in a gym. But game in snowballs or in volleyball - seasonally - or even just walk in the fresh air in a sunny day will give a bigger charge of cheerfulness and positive emotions.

Taste and smell of a citrus. Whether it be fresh fruit or smell of an aromalampa. The smell of flowers - too good option, but will be effective more likely only for women.

Colors - yellow and orange first of all - too promote a mood raising.

You, of course, can also think up what it is possible to combine love and care with. And it, for certain, will be the best option - you will think out it with love and care.