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How to cook difficult and color porridges?

Actually difficult they only because are put from grain and several types of vegetables, and are very simple to train them. Besides they very nourishing and tasty!

Preparation of such porridge requires a chugunok, a stewpan, or a pan with thick walls, or a frying pan with high boards. Practically I cook all porridges according to one recipe - as pilaf. In vegetable oil I fry onions or carrots, or both together. Then I add spices, grain, vegetables and I cook to readiness. I salt when grain begins to boil, I pour water two fingers above grain, and then I add as required. At the end of cooking I add small cut garlic and greens if is.

At the heart of almost all porridges there will be fried onions, carrots and spices. we will be defined by

Now that with what is on friendly terms? In sense of grain and vegetables.

Experience showed that with rice perfectly is in harmony cabbage, a vegetable marrow, pumpkin, paprika. And the cabbage and pepper should be fried together with onions and carrots, and already then to fill up rice. And you should not fry pumpkin and a vegetable marrow, they also so quickly cook. It is at the same time possible to put pepper and at choice: cabbage, vegetable marrow or pumpkin.

With buckwheat perfectly combine cabbage, a vegetable marrow, pumpkin, paprika, and also beet, but it should be cut small that it managed to cook. These vegetables can be put separately, and it is possible to combine, as in option with rice.

Is remarkable to add mushrooms to buckwheat cereal. It is possible fresh, we fry them with onions before filling up grain. It is possible dried, in the form of powder, it is possible to soak previously dried mushrooms, then to wring out and fry.

Only beet gets on with porridge , perhaps, but so it turns out very tasty! For all such raspberry porridge unusually looks.

With millet the potato cut with small cubes will be most tasty, we put it along with grain. And here it is better not to put carrots, there will be enough onions here fried. When you spread out the smoking porridge on plates, strew it with small cut cheese, it adds a piquancy. Such porridge very nourishing.

Well and of course, millet with pumpkin. It is good both in option with the fried onions, and without it, simply welded on water. When grain and pumpkin cook, we pound pumpkin pieces a spoon, it will turn out brightly - orange porridge. At will, at the end of cooking we add sugar and milk.

Pearl-barley grain is very tasty with the onions, carrots and paprika which are largely cut and fried also here well the vegetable marrow, and here pumpkin somehow not really approaches.

Wheat and corn grain is good and just with the fried, small cut onions and with addition of a vegetable marrow. And still wheat porridge with addition of stewed spinach turned out unusual at me. The dish turned out green!

About haricot I already wrote - it is lobio with smetanny or tomato sauce.

Peas and lentil , in my opinion, are tasty in itself, simply welded on water, without spices, onions and carrots. But they are perfectly combined with ketchup, soy sauce and sunflower oil. All bean salt when they are already almost ready.

Almost for any simple porridge, i.e. welded on water well suits broccoli sauce . For this purpose in the added some salt boiling water we throw small kochanchik of this cabbage. We cook minutes 10. We knead kochanchik a fork or we pound in the mixer. We fry onions, we add 1 tablespoon of flour, we stir, 1 tablespoon of sour cream and we add cabbage broth, quickly stirring slowly. Then we salt, we will pepper, we add spices, bay leaf and we bring to boiling. To the turned-out sauce it is added pyureobrazny cabbage. Green sauce is ready!

Color porridges will cause delight and admiration of your guests, I think, for many it will be an unusual entertainment.

For this purpose we will prepare several types of porridges, all gradually at once. Wheat with spinach or sauce from cabbage of broccoli is green, millet with pumpkin - orange, corn - yellow, rice with onions - white, porridge with beet - crimson, a lobio from red beans with a tomato - red, buckwheat with mushrooms - dark. On one plate lay out on one spoon of each type of porridge. For example, in the center buckwheat, and the others arrange around as flower petals.

Bon appetit!