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How to create the website? Part 1. I Will begin templates

with small background. To me was only fourteen. I only comprehended Internet elements. Then I had the electronic box. In the same carefree 14 years I already began to stay the whole nights to find more information in the Internet. And once, I remember as now, was already about six in the morning. There was no wish to sleep, on a table pieces of paper on which I wrote down names of the websites from time to time rolled, before me the www portal was open. mail. ru. And only I stopped checking morning mail which always was much as my cursor came across the reference My website . That morning I registered the first website on a free hosting of ru.

Then I did not know yet how it is correct to do the websites and where it is necessary to load an electronic page therefore right after registration I used a template. Templates are pages which are already written by creators of this service, and you need to insert into them only the text and to attach to it the picture, then to press the " button; To Keep . When these actions are made, you receive the first page of the website.

But before creating pages with exclusive information, you have to think up the name for the website. On the ru service your website will be called so: www. imya_sayta. boom. ru. The name of the website is more often told login so, be not lost if you see this word. To the choice of the name of the website treat with full responsibility because then it will be impossible to change it. So it is better to break one day the head over the name then to be proud of it all remained time. I to you would suggest to think out logins which will be rhymed with boom. ru that it was read beautifully, and was remembered too. And the last, but very important detail - do not think out logins very long or very short, the optimum name of the website - from 4 - 8 letters, is not necessary any more, and less too. Except a website name, you still should fill a small form where you will specify the personal information from a full name and to interests.

About registration I told you, now we will pass to templates. To pass to the choice of pages, you need to press in the menu of the website My website then Fast creation of the " pages;. Further you should choose a subject of the page. For the choice 13 templates are offered - it is quite a lot in comparison with other websites which provide a free hosting and examples of electronic pages. Templates which you can create are also broken on groups - it is Main it will be the first page of your website, Personal " page; - here you will be able to tell about yourself, Photo album - there will be your photos, Friends - here you will be able to place photos and stories about the friends, My hobbies - your hobbies, I Will get acquainted - here it is possible to place information or the offer to those with whom you would like to be on friendly terms. Except these pages there are also templates for business: Commercial " page; - for your affairs, Summary - if you look for work, then here can place the summary, Attention - there will be your announcements, such as I Will sell I Will buy I Change etc.

we will talk about navigation on the website Now, that is, about how you will move on it. For example, if you have a boom page. ru/index. html (where an imya_sayta - the name of the website) and you want to refer from it to boom. ru/links. html, you can edit the index page. html, having specified in it the reference to boom. ru/links. html. For this purpose come from the main page of the website into the section My website and from there - in the section Editing " pages;. In Editing choose the index file. html. The window of editing in which you can insert the reference to boom will appear. ru/links. html and also to give it the description. Then press the " button; It is ready .

Now you can move from one point of a svoyegosayt to another. But, what website without feedback? It is necessary for you that left messages on the contained information and on the read stories, or perhaps and your stunning photos. Therefore all on the same ru you can, having pressed in the " menu; Guest book to create the place where will leave you messages. There you will be able to choose design of your guest book. The link (that is the reference) on guest is created at once with a template so you should not insert the new reference to each page of your website. Already chose design? Then wait for new messages from visitors.

If the speech came about visitors, then on the website still it is possible to install also the counter on which the number of people who looked at your page will be displayed. To put the counter, you need to come into the section Editing " pages; to choose the page on which you want to place the counter and to press the " button; To Configure page setup . In the appeared window in the section To Use put a tick on the " point; Mail Counter. Ru . Now you will control attendance independently.

Finishing article, I would like to mention also polls which you can enter at yourself on the website. They are necessary in order that visitors could estimate information, or separate material, having given at the same time to you statistics, they want to read it or not. Therefore, we press in the " menu; Vote we fill a form in which it is necessary to enter a question, and versions of the answer, then we press the " button; To Begin . Having pressed, you receive the reference which you will have to place on your page. If your website is created on templates, then it will be necessary for you in the section Editing " pages; then " Control; - to put a tick on the " point; Vote . Now on each page poll will appear. Your personal website is ready.

But I want to continue the history. Frankly speaking, long I did not stay with templates and therefore I began to study a programming language. Therefore now when passed more than four years from creation of my first website, I learned two programming languages and loaded four thematic websites into the Internet. But business even not in quantity, and that I just did not want that my website was similar to others not one I created the website on a template in due time. If you do not want to create the website on ready design, then in the second part we will try to study in The Internet - " University; there even the diploma can be gained.

And still if you do not like ru hosting, then you can register the website on others, for example ru or ru. If they are not pleasant to you, then one - in the searcher to gather an exit Free hosting and to choose from tens of the websites.