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What shoe was lost by Venus?

the Legend say that during hunting Venus and Adonis was found by a thunder-storm, they hid from a rain in the secluded place and indulged in love joys. By there passed a person who did not notice the goddess and her beloved, but saw the gold shoe of Venus thrown on the earth. As soon as mortal gave a hand to lift a shoe, that turned into the flower reminding a shoe.

Other legend tells how there lived once among heavenly inhabitants beautiful Venus whose beauty was so bright that in her honor the planet which an asterisk shines over the earth on rising or a decline of day was called. In day of the majority happy Venus danced in the blue sky and dropped a shoe. It fell to the ground and turned into a flower which was given the name lady`s slipper . Also it blossoms only on the eighteenth year of life.

French call them shoes of Venus and British - shoes of the lady . They are also known as flowers - moccasins the young lady in a hat zozulka cuckoo boots or Virgin`s boots and, strangely enough, Adam`s head .

Lady`s slippers belong to family of orchids. You always easily recognize them by a tufleobrazny lip and will tell: And yes it is lady`s slippers! . Probably, Venus was very scattered because a variety of coloring lost shoes it is extremely big. From violet to faintly - pink, from yellow to green.

The flower as if a peach thin skin, thinly and gently smells.

Orkhidnye is called " family; aristocrats among plants. The nature generously endowed them with extraordinary beauty and a variety of the flowers amazing people since the most ancient times and up to now. Poets devoted to orchids verses, artists represented them on the cloths, botanists named them goddesses and beauties.

The subfamily of tsipripediyevy, or lady`s slippers, includes small part from huge number of the orchids extended on Earth, in total their of everything about 130 types. Some scientists even consider them as separate family, as if an intermediate form between modern orkhidny and unknown family of flowering plants from which they came.

They say that the lady`s slipper was one of favourite flowers of the famous detective Niro Woolf - the character of detective novels Rex Stout. This type of orchids it, among others, grew up in the greenhouse, solving secrets of frauds and murders.

The shoe grows in Europe, in the Caucasus, in Asia Minor, Mongolia, China and Japan. In Russia meets in the European part, in the south of Siberia and the Far East. Very seldom it can be found in Central Russia.

For this reason it is included in the Red List.

I was lucky to see this fascinating flower in the woods of Primorye. I looked at it children`s eyes and dreamed of magic shoes.

From the herbalist Goode published in Elisabeth`s city (the state New - Jersey, the USA) in 1845, it is possible to learn about practice of preparations of roots of a shoe as medicinal raw materials. Roots were purely washed and dried in well aired room, and then packaged and densely corked. The received weight had sharp, often disgusting smell, the medicine was prepared, dissolving a small amount of powder in sweet water.

The drugs prepared from shoe roots used at nervous diseases. Goode reported that the use of roots of lady`s slippers as soothing and sleeping medicine was more preferable than opium as the narcotic effect was not observed.

According to the flower alphabet, a lady`s slipper symbolizes whimsical beauty, inconstancy. I feel that I at you not one . If to you it was presented it means that the giving person is ready for a lot of things that to tame You to make more obedient and less windy.

By the way, lady`s slippers - expensive pleasure. So, for example, in 1878 lady Spayser invited to herself on a visit the representative of the well-known English company Veych and sons specializing in trade in orchids. In the invitation it was said that in its greenhouse several orchids among which, perhaps, there are types, new to science, blossomed. The representative of firm arrived and saw an unusual shoe in its greenhouse. The look was described by Reykhenbakh and called by it in honor of lady Spayser. Within the next six years Veychi estimated each its escape at 1250 US dollars, the sum huge for those times.

And in 1981 in Peru American Elisabeth Besse, the employee of the Botanical garden of Maria Selbi (Sarasota, Florida) found brightly - a scarlet shoe. After the first expedition to the Botanical garden 20 plants were delivered, the next year it was succeeded to find only three copies. At the annual Sadah auction each copy was sold for 1700 dollars.

I tried not to press in Latin names and gardening recommendations, and to please a little you with natural beauty of this surprising flower.