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As it is correct to tell a joke of

the good joke - a valuable acquisition for each of us. Having read, having heard and having laughed with all the heart, it is very important to remember a successful joke. By means of a joke it is easy to gain the pleasant girl, to seem the witty interlocutor in the business environment, to become soul of the company at a party. All this happens provided that you the good story-teller and the sharpness said by you, so to speak, had to the yard.

All people telling jokes are divided into three categories. First place is won by the story-teller the skillful, causing storm of delights and a loud laughter which at the same time does not laugh. Others like to tell an amusing story and to laugh together with all at told. And treat the third category in which I would not wish to appear to anybody merry fellows who begin to laugh loudly absolutely impetuously, still even without having started a joke, hiccup from laughter throughout the story and in a complete silence finish it, laughing in one person … To you there was it? Then it is forced to state - it is clinic. You need urgently to study art of a joke!

Telling a joke, the person as though plays in solo performance. If you do not possess the minimum abilities to acting, then it is better to refuse risk to be misunderstood, and still than what it is worse - beaten. It is more pleasant to listen to a ridiculous story from others and to laugh at good, but others joke, than standing in intense silence as the story-teller, to understand into what pool just got.

But if very much - there is a strong wish to learn to make jokes, it is necessary to practice much. For a start make laugh a mirror. In it there is nothing strange, many speakers when rehearse the speech, look at the reflection, working gestures and a mimicry. Perhaps, looking at the fast physiognomy and saying at the same time by a funeral voice the long monologue by mistake called a joke you will understand why all people around hastily leave on the affairs when you declare that now there will be a fresh trick in your execution.

By the way, length a joke matters too. Before telling an amusing baize for several minutes, it is necessary to make sure that the apogee of the story is worthy that listeners spent for you the attention. Beginner to bikers it is better to give preference to short, amusing funny stories. Do not tighten with the narration, going into details, otherwise be ready that people around will begin to yawn frankly.

Let the first estimates your ability to yumorit the loved one. Mother, the sister, the brother, the best friend will not be ashamed to point out to you the defects whereas in the big campaign people out of politeness will smile and to be silent tactfully. Better let the relatives will open for you eyes on a long beard which is dragged behind the joke told just.

The story-teller of jokes has to understand accurately on what subjects in a certain circle it is possible to make jokes and on what is not present. Leave juice stories on the verge of platitude for friends. Not each history beginning the phrase the Little Red Riding Hood   went; somehow to the grandmother … intends for children`s ears and young girls.

Never explain sense of a joke some to a giraffe - all the same will not reach! If all other listeners neigh as mentally ill people, you at the same time grinning, understand that they created a furor, and someone mutters « nearby; did not understand … and in what a trick? it means only one … You became soul of the company, the expert on the freshest tricks, and, of course, got out of the third category. Any minute, you will become the second Petrosyan! God forbid …