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Why on March 18 call a rainy day of mankind?

For Russia on March 18 interesting date in itself. At the end of February, 1584 health of the tsar Ioann Grozny sharply worsened. On monasteries imperial orders were sent to pray for disposal of the sovereign from real mortal illness . The tsar did not do nothing too, ordered to bring together all sorcerers who were available in Moscow and asked them to appoint date of death. They unanimously called - on March 18. In reply the tsar promised that if he this day is living, to all of them will remove the heads.

On March 18, 1584 the tsar woke up, and at once ordered to go to Malyuta Skuratov to sorcerers, to cut the heads. They lifted squeal supposedly day did not end yet. Ioann grinned and went in I ban. After that the tsar at whom obviously went away from heart in cheerful mood sat down to play chess. Suddenly, having taken a figure to declare the shah, it was tumbled down backwards. Turmoil rose, one ran for the doctor, others - behind clergy for commission of a ceremony of agonal going into convent. At this time Ivan the Terrible died

But it is, as they say, an introduction. Let`s take the XX century. Misfortunes began in 1925 when on states Illinois, Indiana and Missouri (USA) rushed powerful a tornado. 689 people died and 2000 more were wounded and remained 50000 homeless. Usually the tornado warns about the approach by a characteristic form of a cloud in the form of a sleeve or a trunk. As a rule, the tornado moves with an average speed of 70 kilometers per hour, passing distance to 20 kilometers, catching a strip not less than 400 meters. But mentioned three-regular a tornado which was called perhaps, the most awful tornado in the world ignored all known norms and rules. It took a strip more than a kilometer wide and passed distance 352 kilometers.

For the first time trunk Reynolds (Missouri) and the beginnings prompt 97 - a kilometer throw on North - the East concerned the Earth`s surface approximately at one o`clock in the afternoon in the county. A tornado with a roar rushed to the river Mississippi, destroying many buildings, uprooting trees. As a result of 11 people died. Behind the river the tornado completely destroyed the city of Gorkh (Illinois), killed 90 people and 200 people crippled. The same fate expected also larger city of Marfsboro. In only a few seconds after a tornado raid it was ruined. From 200 city quarters more than 150 were absolutely destroyed, 234 persons died, pressed down by buildings, 8000 people were traumatized. In a switchyard 11 engines were turned. The numerous fires which came out from - under control of firefighters broke out and by the night left 8000 people the homeless. The water-supply in the city was also destroyed by a tornado.

Destructions, appear, fed a tornado, it gathered the increasing power and speed. Near Zeygler (Illinois) he broke the central railway bridge of Illinois from a concrete basis. Within two minutes 64 houses were destroyed, 127 people died. The four-meter sewing board passed through the metal car. In one place the tornado picked up a huge binder and dragged it nearly a half a kilometer. In another - began to whirl the car, having lifted it on height of 70 meters and then threw down. The hairdresser`s chair was found for many kilometers from a hairdressing salon where it stood earlier. Having destroyed the school building, a tornado lifted 16 pupils and lowered in 140 meters from school safe. The city Griffin (Indiana) was destroyed completely. 34 persons died. At last, near Princeton (Indiana) at 16 hours 18 minutes local time a tornado exhausted. But before it laid a strip of destructions through the city, broke a set of buildings, scattered furniture from houses. In one place broke a door from the car in which 4 persons sat, picked up all four (passengers and the driver) and transferred them to a roadside where lowered on the earth safe, and broke the car into small pieces, razmetav along the road on several kilometers.

The following black date fell on March 18, 1936. Two big floods fell upon territories of the USA - one flooded areas North - the East, another - the earth of a river basin of Ohio, inflow of Mississippi, and next year both of them left the coast. The U.S. Government made the decision on immediate evacuation of the population of this area. Storming waters flooded the area of 72000 square kilometers. It was the whole sea containing about 100 billion cubic meters of water!

But also on it the elements did not calm down as if primagnitivshis to the United States. Already in the following, 1937, the strongest explosion of natural gas at high school of New - London, the State of Texas thundered. Explosion happened about 15 o`clock in the afternoon, and to the people at school there was not so much. The high school was in the center of the town, and as a result of explosion almost all buildings were damaged. 311 pupils and teachers of school died. This was the tragedy for residents.

And 30 years later, on March 18, 1967, coast of England had the first large environmental pollution, as a result of big leak of oil from the petrotransporting " tanker; Torrey Kenyon who swam under a Liberian flag.

On March 18 Torrey Kenyon brought 100000 tons of crude oil from the Gulf of Mexico to petrocleaning plant of Milford in the Southern Wales. At 9 hours 15 minutes, going with a speed of 16 knots, the tanker sat down on a reef Pollard, the most western in group of reef islands Seven Stones. Accident happened owing to several navigation mistakes made by the captain of the vessel Pastrengo Rudzhiati. The vessel received holes, and from the damaged tanks oil began to pour out in the sea. Within a week all attempts to remove the tanker from a reef were ineffectual.

As a result, on March 26 the vessel broke on two parts, and more than 50000 tons of oil rushed in the sea, forming on a surface a black strip of long 55 km and 24 km wide. Pollution extended to the most part of the coast of Cornwall, Britain and part of islands in the passage of La - Mansh. Accident caused a considerable loss to flora and fauna of this region. The set of thousands of birds and marine animals died. Before the British authorities there was an extraordinary problem of clarification of a sea surface from an extensive oil slick. At its decision various methods of collecting oil were used, but the desirable result did not manage to be achieved. Eventually, under the decree of the British government, voyenno - the sea bomber destroyed by bombing vessel fragments, and set fire to the remained oil.

And, at last, so it turned out that on March 18, 1994 in the sky of Karabakh, near the city of Khankendi the Armenian terrorists in an air international passage shot down the " plane; " Oat-flakes; the Iranian Air Force with the diplomats who are onboard and their families flying from Moscow to Tehran. As a result all passengers - 34 persons

died What expects us on March 18, 2007? Most likely, accidents of universal scale will not be. But this day I never am engaged in repair of electric devices, and crossing the road even on to a zebra I twist couple of excess times the head by 360 degrees. God helps those who help themselves!