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Whether are useful online - games?

Looking at the name, you want to tell at once or even to blurt out categorical is not present . But, I ask, do not draw hasty conclusions. Let`s try to sort things out.

Present that your son - the school student who just finished the ninth class. He passed successfully examinations, and now before him the doors of summer which is always full of adventures were opened. But here ill luck. The friend brings it a box about online - game, and he begins to stay in the days the house shorts in front of the computer. Day after day it does not get out from world webs and everything from - for what? Just there was a wish to pass one more level or to increase skills of the virtual hero. He begins to forget about the street and about friends. Communication becomes only virtual, and days which were allotted on rest fly by in front of the computer.

Having read this paragraph, you are already ready to tell that you if people begin to play online - games, then on some period it is possible to give their life up as a bad job, but are not present. Look. Your child, in the heat of awkward age, will not be " now; to gad down the street till late evening, or, still it is worse than that, to drink beer at an entrance. Now he will quietly stay at home and to pump over the virtual hero.

But time goes. There passes month, and behind it the second. You begin to understand that your child will grow to a chair soon, and by academic year at it eyesight will begin to be damaged and if in time not to stop, then and complexes can appear in respect of communication with peers. That it did not happen, you need to interfere with game process. For example, since the morning when you leave for work, take away a cord from the computer. Now your child either will read books, or will go, drives a ball. In the evening to avoid the above described consequences, you solemnly hand it a cord which he looked forward all day.

But there are also such cases when children stock up not with one computer cord therefore it is the best of all to have a couple of passwords and other protective codes from unreasonable wreckers to the health.

I already described one good party of game pastime. Now it would be desirable to tell about those poleznost which bring online - games to your child directly at the game.

In - the first when your child begins to plunge into the virtual world, he not just presses keys, and thinks over all the courses, and logically tries to perform this or that task as it is possible more correctly and more precisely.

In - the second, in everyone online - game there are some kind of chats where your child will be able to communicate to people. Small, but plus. Nevertheless it is better, than with itself to talk.

In - the third, online - game is the one more world, the world of a fantasy which, in turn, imparts to many children love to reading. Having played, they want to read those books where it is written about elves or dragons where black magicians howl with white where spells can trap the reader continually.

And the last. I write this point as itself saw how in the city the whole clans are formed (i.e. groups of players or teams which play the same game - a bus comment) who discuss novelties in the computer world, online - games or just communicate, but is not virtual any more, and is real. Than it is bad when the child with the help online - games is able to find to himself adherents or friends?

But there are always two roads. Always is yes also is not present . Always is well and it is bad . In this case there was also no road or firm yes . Therefore if to tell about advantage online - games, then it would be desirable to tell that they will be useful if them not to abuse. Always and in everything it is necessary to know when to stop.

I think, each of you heard that people perished, sitting in front of the computer, someone was taken away in hospital, and someone lost hold on reality. Some who abused it " drug; under the name online - game, lost work or, it is worse than that, a family, and everything from - that, plunging into lakes online - games, you gather air for a certain time. Then you need to come up, i.e. - to stop. To be engaged in affairs in the real world. When you have a rest, again will be able to gather enough oxygen to dive into other, virtual world.

Following all rules and not abusing online - games, all of you can derive benefit from them. Isn`t it?