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How to get rid of piracy (not license) programs?

Recently, wrote almost all mass media or spoke about counterfeit use of the software or piracy programs. But only units from mass media hinted that there is a market of free programs which can be received free of charge!!!

What is Free software ?

Concept free software arose in 80 - e years of last century when the founder of the movement Open Source Richard Stollmen based Free Software Foundation (Fund of the free software).

Word free in English has several values where major importance is free, free, independent . And " value; free of charge is the second word meaning free .

Term Free Software ( Free software ) means that you have an opportunity to copy, modify and distribute programs (that by default is forbidden by the law on copyright).

Within the license GNU GPL the user receives full freedom under the program that allows it not only to use the program, but also to develop it therefore the majority of the successful Open Source projects are big communities of enthusiasts who create or supplements the program.

of the Summary:
Free software - the program which can be copied, changed and distributed freely. And not to be afraid of consequences!

Why it is created Free software ? the Free software is created by

for various reasons, but creation of a possibility of division by experience and a code between programmers that they created good programs was one of the main reasons which were put by Richard Stollmen. Richard Stollmen tried to create conditions for free exchange of information that could promote creation of good and not expensive programs. But the proprietary desire of commercial developers of programs, and also desire to earn as much as possible money created prerequisites for creation of programs with the closed source text. And as programs were closed from others, commercial developers of programs had to write programs with zero what only increased time and cost of creation of programs.

Also, much important factor became desire of commercial developers to tie users only to the products therefore developers created the formats for saving information which were not compatible to other programs and were the closed standard.

Free software, just tries to use as much as possible the international standards that any my user to open and read information, regardless of the program. For example: Office set of the Open Office programs is able to work with the OpenDocument format which was created for free exchange of information. Even the Microsoft company began to support the OpenDocument format in the new MS Office 2007 version.

Summary : The free software is created for the sake of free exchange of information, without restrictions.

What benefit from use Free SOFTWARE ?

the First benefit from use of free software is freedom of exchange of information, i.e. it is not necessary to think of the program which costs at the recipient of information as the free format is public.

the Second benefit is depreciation of possession of the program. Even for free and free software it is necessary to pay, but in one case it will be payment for the Internet - a traffic, and in - the second case it is possible just to buy a disk with free software and to install it on any number of computers.

the Third benefit is security. Yes security, is not a typographical error. Under this term the fact that the user is protected from malicious functions of the program with the closed code means. Some users know about existence in programs of Microsoft Easter eggs and who prevents the same to make Microsoft not Easter egg !?

Free software is provided in initial codes therefore before creation of the ready program it is possible to study a code and to remove everything Easter eggs and harmful operations. And it is almost impossible to add harmful operations in initial a code of Free SOFTWARE as communities on creation of such programs have multistage check of a code, and also the code is checked by numerous enthusiasts.

Summary: Benefits from use of Free SOFTWARE: freedom of exchange of information, minimization of expenses on ON, security.

Why speak Free software but not free software?

It is very important to b to understand a side between free and free!

Free software has to be not necessarily created within the movement Open Source. It can be the facilitated version of the commercial version of the program which purpose can be binding the user to the products and his gradual transfer to the commercial version of the program.

Free software implies freedom in actions with the program, and one of these actions free use of the program is. But also there is an opportunity to thank developers of free software and to make a voluntary contribution to development of free software.

Summary: Term Free software much more widely than the term Free software and it includes the last term.

P. S. This first article from a series of articles about Free software which will be continued soon.

I Wait for your offers on future subjects on Free SOFTWARE, it can be detailed descriptions of programs or it is possible to make review articles according to several programs?