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How to improve memory?

an Opportunity to remember and remember - one of features of the person which allows us to lead that life what we always knew. Interaction with the people surrounding us, our abilities, professional qualities directly depend on ability to remember and further to use this information. The person possessing good memory will always find for it application. But how to be if you the next time face a problem when it is difficult for you to remember something, let it will be date of a seminar, the important speech at conference or just household trifle necessary for us in everyday life or at work. What to do, despair and lower hands? If you consider that for you everything is lost that people were by nature given good memory, and deprived you, then you are mistaken or elementary do not want to make efforts for the development. Memory can be improved and not just to improve, and to improve repeatedly.

We will not go into subtleties and details, but for understanding some representations all - should be had. Everything that we see or was seen once, we remember. In cells of our brain there is information and there is it forever.

To reach this information, the brain uses certain of communication , and these here communications and collapse over time or just are not established. Therefore our task - to establish them and to strengthen, and it is in power to any person.

Memory is also inseparably linked with attentiveness and associations . For anybody not a secret: if inattentively to read, look or listen, then you will remember a little. Associations also play an important role in storing, but many do not know it and simply - naprosto do not use association when storing, and in vain.

Let`s sort as all this interacts among themselves and how to develop in itself these abilities. Let`s begin with simple exercises on attention. Take any subject, examine it attentively, close eyes and as it is possible in detail describe all smallest details. It does not matter what you something do not remember, examine it once again and add the description. An error of many in what they watch regarding in general you look and remember details. Apply this method in any situations, to persons, buildings, to anything. After a while you will notice that you will need to glance only, and you will be able to describe all details. There will be it the person, you pay attention and remember features of his face, hair, a shape of a nose, lips, eyes. There will be this building, remember color, the number of floors and windows, even where the conditioner is installed and where in a wall the brick etc. dropped out. The main thing - practice.

With attention it is clear and how associations when storing can help? It was already mentioned Above that ability to remember depends on some communications conducting to information necessary to us. And so, by means of associations we can strengthen these communications or create new. When it is required to remember something, it is necessary to create suitable associations. For example, after a meeting with the partner, he asks you to call him next day. Not to forget about its request, associate your call with how your partner hands you money in an envelope, believe, you remember it.

By the way, ability can be associated and it is necessary to develop. After study or work settle more conveniently in a chair, close eyes and imagine various images, and try to represent not only visually, but also to feel their smell, taste, try to see their color. You are not surprised, but it is necessary. Over time at you it will turn out and when you when storing need to find and apply the necessary association, you at the subconscious level will instantly make it.

Probably, someone will not treat this article seriously, and it is vain. Actually, to develop attention, ability to associate, and as a result, and memory, absolutely easily. On development of these abilities years are not required, in several weeks you will see as far as the result will surpass your expectations and what is weeks when all life ahead. The main thing - not to be lazy, but it already another story altogether.