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How to choose a PDA? Some aspects of

In the article What is a PDA we got acquainted with such devices as pocket computers, learned how they can be used and to whom in general they can be useful.

And here that day when you, having collected the savings (or just part of a salary, it who as), decided to descend in shop came and to get this electronic novelty. But, having come into an equipment supermarket (or into usual shop), to stop the choice on the first model it seemed to you irrationally. And this choice was quite extensive, and the selling assistant praised highly all models. Therefore you came back home to read the next mailing of School of Life, having found this article there.

So, let`s pass to the basic. First of all, it is necessary to define for what purposes you need a PDA. Proceeding from it, it will be simpler to stop the choice on concrete model. Now in Russia 4 producers of a PDA - of Asus, Fujitsu - Siemens are generally presented, to Hewlett - Packard, by Acer . The last got to the four of leaders not so long ago, but promptly increases the indicators in ratings of pocket computers.

In shopping centers sellers see novice users at once, and try them to push nearly the most expensive equipment. Or perhaps it for their requirements is also not necessary?

Let`s say the PDA is necessary to you to read books, to listen to a MP3, to do notes. Any will be suitable for these purposes small animal from those that are on sale in shops now. Even the oldest. I advise to look narrowly at such models as of HP iPAQ hx2110, HP iPAQ hx2415/hx2410, Pocket Loox 410, ASUS MyPal A620 . The display resolution of the PDA is important for reading texts unless. It is more pleasant to read books on the screen of 640480 points, of course, than on 320240. All above-mentioned PDA have the last permission. Higher, 640480, goes to hi - tech - machines which are much more expensive. Unless of Acer n311 will approach as it is the cheapest PDA with such permission.

If you often are in business trips or like to do in the spare time tourism, you need GPS - navigation which is free for ordinary users now. Very many PDA are equipped with GPS - adapters. Getting such PDA and a set of cards to it, you will never be lost in the unfamiliar territory, and will always arrive most quicker to work on the shortest way. For navigation the display resolution as amount of memory is not so important for storage of cards. So, I advise at once to get flash - the card at least on 1 GB. The most popular PDA from this series - of FS Pocket Loox N560 (permission 640480 and one of the fastest processors), ASUS MyPAL A636, Asus MyPal A639 (already has the built-in gigabyte of memory).

If you are an inveterate gamer, the fan of viewing of qualitative video and serious 3D games, need work with very big databases, learn the Chinese or Japanese languages, you need to be guided by hi - tech in the field of a PDA. These are such machines as of Dell Axim X51v (624 MHz the processor) and FS Pocket Loox N560.

Also important is the term of operation of the PDA accumulator. During the normal work it averages 3 - 5 hours. The quicker the processor - the less your PDA will work without network. For those whose main priority - work duration, I can advise of ASUS MyPAL A636, Asus MyPal A639 are the most long-playing PDA for today.

A chamber to a PDA - a thing not especially necessary as shows experience and statistical data. To insert a serious chamber into such machine there is no opportunity so it is more so, for overindulgence.

Also at acquisition of a PDA you should not buy devices with an old operating system, for example Window Mobile 2003 if already devices on WM 5 at full speed are delivered. 0. Of course, under the last OS not so that a lot of software is written, but nevertheless progress goes, and in its one or two years will become more than under WM 2003. Already development of WM 6 OS is well under way. 0 which will take root into a PDA at the end of the third quarter 2007 - go years.

Here, perhaps, and all. In this article I gave only some criteria of the choice of the pocket assistant, actually everything depends on you and your material state. Be not conducted on consultations sellers - before going to shop, look at the forums and the websites devoted to a PDA, the benefit such in the RuNet more than there is enough.

In the following article I will acquaint you with such hybrids of a PDA and mobile phones as communicators.