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How to receive a freedom of choice?

, strangely enough, the advertizing which appeared in the subway and on roadside boards was the Direct cause for reflection. She reminded by the form the bathroom wall laid by large multi-colored tiles. The drawing formed by them seemed almost chaotic, not bearing any distinct image. And, nevertheless, having defocused sight, it was possible to see features and expressive details of a pose. Emergence them almost from nothing looked as a miracle.

I believe that everyone faced the similar phenomena, examining at a short distance a mosaic or pictures of artists - pointillists. However, it is interesting what can serve as an evident illustration of the process happening in other sphere. It is process of comprehension and finding of sense.

According to the encyclopedia, the sense represents complete contents, irreducible to values of the parts and elements making it, but itself defining these values.

That is, each part whole, each element finds the value only in the context of certain whole. It it is very easy to illustrate on the example of the finished text fragment, for example, offers. All separate words making the offer in itself are multiple-valued. But as a part of the offer each of them finds quite certain concrete value.

To our life there is something similar. It is filled by a set of diverse elements: desires, aspirations, thoughts, acts, events. Whether there is something, uniting this motley mosaic?

We are, as a rule, not ready for generalizations such. We, first of all, are interested in elements. Vision of our consciousness is ready, if I may say so, for short distance. It allows to capture at best two next elements linked prichinno - investigative communications.

larger patterns capable to display a deep order of the universe appear beyond the scope of our perception.

The narrowness of our horizon is caused by nature of our interaction with world around within psychological instinct . As offensively looks for image and God`s similarity such model, it in many respects corresponds to reality.

at the same time we do not refuse to ourselves at all desire to see sense. But we see it not in original variety of life, and we are content with one - two socially or biologically significant elements.

The desire to look at things has to ripen in the person more widely. If it worked well if we saw the real, but not seeming (ephemeral) motivation of actions and acts, before us really unique opportunity for the first time opens. What was for us a reality what was unconditional reality the fact that it seemed fate turns into a subject of the free choice.

It is about how to get rid of dependences, undesirable attachments, bad habits, addictions and other destructive behavior models. The set of recipes is in this respect offered.

For example, it is considered that, making efforts of will for a long time and, resisting temptations, it is possible to get rid of them, eventually.

Other recipe suggests to switch attention from bad addictions to any harmless subject - for example to drink less, it is offered to play sports or to find interesting work. There is also the fastest recipe which is not demanding efforts is a coding: paid money and receive desired freedom!

After everything, stated above, it has to be rather obvious that while our consciousness is in these destructive behavior models while it belongs to them until it is localized in them, attempt to eliminate these models is doomed because the desire to take out from - under itself a chair reminds, without taking out a point of support out of its limits. In all listed recipes need for this third-party point of support is ignored, and for this reason they do not work.

Success can be achieved only by means of discharge (carrying out of a point of supervision). Efforts of sufferers to get rid of dependences and addictions also have to be directed to formation of this new space.

It is considered to be that all of us are free in the choice of these or those ethical installations and the main vital principles, and if we realize any destructive installations, then, so by and large, we so wanted. From purely legal point of view this is true. However our choice cannot be really free concerning objects in which our consciousness actually lives.

The freedom of action here, in fact, is absent, and we are inclined to step on the same rake. After the next failure we make a helpless gesture and philosophically we exclaim: Yes! The person is weak! . But the situation is not deadlock at all.

We can be free in the choice of intentions. It is, in fact, freedom to behold that there is a life space, more extensive, than space of our dwelling. We can wish to overstep the bounds of the mastered space, and we can, having hopelessly waved a hand, to tell: No living man all things can! . And to overstep the bounds, it is only necessary to accept the world entirely, to see its poles in unity, without denial bad to please to good. And the world will stop being hostile.

There, in this world, is not present prichinno - investigative communications, there is no time in understanding habitual to us. There are no diseases and health, good and bad.

There at the same time is present last, future and real.

Changes in the present influence the past and the future. And there to appear, it is necessary for all to eat, say yes.