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What is a podcasting?

the Podcasting slowly but surely, enter our everyday life. Such companies as NTV and VimpelCom in Russia use a podcasting as one of ways of communication with clients. All new and new companies which have tapes of a podcasting come for them.

What is a podcasting? From the English word podcasting formed, in turn, of two words ipod - the tiny player which is easily synchronized with the computer and allows to listen to music anywhere, and casting - broadcasting, radio - or video-.

In what advantage of a podcasting? We everything try to save time so precious now. One of ways to save it is to combine pleasant with useful : for example, the road with listening of various informative programs.

About a podcasting it is system? the concept of a podcasting reflects changes which happen in society. These changes can be characterized so:

there are more and more people and the companies which work not for the sake of work, and work to live;

before the companies and people tasks for which ready solutions do not exist arise;

the abundance of information does work on its processing more and more important and inevitable.

About a podcasting figuratively? the Podcasting conditionally says that we from the Stone Age pass into a century of bronze, or metal as it is pleasant to whom more. Eventually, the era of information is replaced by an era of the relations when it is not important that you sell - important as you do it.

Whether practical examples of application of a podcasting are known? Here to you simple example. Informative magazine Shkolazhizni. ru selects the most interesting articles and reads them for the readers. Now Shkoluzhizni it is possible not only read, but also to listen. Daily the new podcast is published in release, and it is possible to listen to all sounded materials in the special section Podcasts on Shkolezhizni. ru . Conveniently? - Undoubtedly!

Still example. you will surprise nobody with Trainings now. You visit the website of the company and read reviews of trainings if they are. The podcasting allows to visit the website and to listen responses which give the atmosphere and feelings of participants.

What future at a podcasting? Probably, in your memory the association the car - radio is still strong. During a podcasting era association the car - the subscription of fresh podcasts will become more usual thing. Every morning the selection of the latest news sounded by pleasant voices of leaders will come to your mail.