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What razvivalka for children to create by means of buttons?

Except that buttons can be used for creation of the childish developing sports, rugs and lacings, it is also possible to build from them less widespread razvivalka .

Sometimes speak of buttons scornfully: for example, speak it is simple as a button (as a rule, about the artless person), or the " size; about a button (meaning the insignificant size). But, it appears, usual buttons can carry out important function, - to be a development tool of small motility at kids, and after this, and auxiliary material for development of the speech.

Buttons are surprisingly many-sided and entertaining material. My child at first sorted them by sign there is a leg - there is no leg then, having inspired with the book Travel to the country of Geometry by the principle round - square forms, further (having accustomed with the account to five) two holes - four holes . It is very useful to learn to sort also by color and material.

Of course, at button occupations with kids it is necessary not to forget about safety rules. To you will be quieter if you get the fixed quantity of buttons. And, of course, the child during such occupations has to be under supervision of the adult ALL THE TIME!

What buttons can be still useful?

Calculating panel. by

it is made very simply - we sew a rectangle made of cloth, we divide it into 10 parts, and then we sew buttons of the corresponding quantity to each part, - from 1 to 10.

If you have a large number of children`s buttons - it is just ideal option. If is not present, dream from that material that you have near at hand.

A pillow with the alphabet. the Secret is simple

- on a rectangular pillowcase we sew letters from dense matter multi-colored buttons. It is possible to make a pillow with the alphabet, and it is possible simply to write thus name of the child. Special technical difficulties in production of such useful children`s pillow - the toy is not expected.

Dolls from buttons. by

by means of a wire and a button create amusing little men and animals. The size and color of buttons directly depends on that whose figure you intend to create.

And by means of buttons, glue and a varnish it is possible to build tiny ridiculous muzzles of animals - such as these piggy attractive faces, for example. If you paste them to magnets, - amusing souvenirs for friends and the family will turn out. They that are good as gifts that, being on a refrigerator door, they will constantly remind of you and your child.


How many surprising applications of buttons habitual to us exist!

Try to use them for applications, cards, packings for gifts. And they will play bright paints.

Sew for your kid the book from fabric and embroider it button pictures on seasons, for example. Still it is pleasant to children to draw buttons drawings on a floor. It turns out, as a rule, unexpectedly beautifully and cheerfully.

It is possible to take the unpretentious scheme for an embroidery a cross, to increase it and to pick up buttons of the corresponding color scale. The fascinating mosaic which your child will be able to collect together with friends will turn out.

If you have a collection of buttons, considerable on weight, you can learn top of creative pleasure, having painted together with the child buttons a picture on a wall in the nursery. Let it will be the small car, but - buttons!

I wish all pleasant button imaginations! And inexhaustible thirst for creativity!