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What is a PDA?

Who they are? It small electronic small animals which gain the increasing popularity? Let`s understand together.

So, the PDA is pocket personal computers with the memory, the processor, expansion slots, sound system, well and, of course, the display. PDA differ from the senior fellows in the smaller display which, besides, reacts to a touch of a special stick - the stylus - and flash - memory which, unlike the winchester, takes less physical place.

Most often PDA compare on functionality to laptops . Though it is absolutely different devices intended for use in the different purposes. Their main distinction that for work with the laptop you, first of all, need to put somewhere it and most to accept a comfortable position, and also to wait for loading of an operating system. With a PDA everything is much simpler. In the subway, in the tram, sitting or standing, you easily include it and, operating the stylus or the digital keyboard (if is), will quietly work. Process of inclusion takes only a few seconds.

The fact that during the work with the laptop you use the keyboard for a set of texts is also important, and in a PDA the stylus is for this purpose used. For typing it is used virtual " keyboard;. It is also possible to write words by hand as you do it by the handle on paper. At first sight it is not really convenient, but, having trained, it is possible to gather small notes or articles quite quickly. At desire, nobody prevents to buy the additional keyboard which will connect to your PDA on Bluetooth or through USB - port.

Was considered earlier that PDA can be used only for a set of texts, listening of music and unpretentious games - from - for weak processors and small existence of memory. Today modern PDA possess high-speed processors on 400, 520 and higher than a MHz that it is quite enough for viewing of uncompressed video in the DivX format, 3D Doom, work games with databases and big spreadsheets. Memory can be expanded too, having bought the additional card on 1, 2 or more than A GB, the benefit such cards become cheaper every day.

So, with the question what is a PDA? we approximately understood. Now most important. For whom can such device and for what purposes be necessary? For this purpose I suggest to consider three situations:

Situation 1.

you student of some higher education institution. By the nature of activity you need constantly the bigger number of books, abstracts, cribs, formulas and other. It is constantly impossible to carry with itself all this. Exit? To load all text material into a PDA and to use at the first need. To read almost from any PDA - continuous pleasure. You are engaged in learning of foreign languages? Load into yours small animal translators and dictionaries, starting with English - Russian and finishing Japanese - Chinese. Even it is simpler to store lesson schedule in memory of a PDA, than on leaves which eternally somewhere vanish. And as it is pleasant to take time on the way to study with reading the interesting book go favourite game, for a PDA there are same Heroes of Might and Magic, the Era of the Empire and other popular strategy, and also role-playing games. Generally, further use of the pocket computer by the student, in principle, is clear.

Situation 2.

you sales agent / businessman / businessman. It is convenient to write down orders and affairs in daily logs, of course, but to find there something happens so hard and it is inconvenient to carry fat books with itself too. The PDA comes to the rescue! Write down your orders, and at office dump them in the desktop computer or on the server. The benefit with the tables Excel is a pleasure to work at a PDA. Now there is a version of such famous program as 1s:bukhgalteriya for a PDA. It is also possible to make the most difficult mathematical calculations on a PDA, the processor allows and there are enough programs.

Situation 3. you are sent by

on leave, but all the same want to stay in touch and to continue work? Take with yourself a PDA and the mobile phone, it is so simple to make friends them, and by means of this friendship (Bluetooth - connection) to go on-line, to check mail, to visit the necessary sites, to communicate in ICQ, Skype, Odigo. How to pass away time in the train when you go alone to business trip, and bothered to read already? If watch favourite film on a PDA, then play games, communicate to friends on the Internet and in principle, do everything that you do on ordinary desktop computer. You drive in holiday the car, and the card, as always, did not take and to hold at the same time a wheel and it is inconvenient to look in the card. Use GPS - navigation! Thanks to the States, now it is free for all users. Very many PDA are equipped with GPS - receivers. Such PDA is already called the navigator. After contact with the satellite it will show your current location on the map, and also a strelochka where you need to go. Yes, and besides, it is possible to connect it to sound system of your car. Then to you will sound all turns and difficult sites of KPK Road via loudspeakers!

Such situations it is possible to think up tens, try at a leisure. For now we are defined that it is specifically possible to do on a PDA:

1) To read books, articles.

2) to Type texts.

3) to Look through and edit briefs of MS Office and not only.

4) to Do reminders and notes.

5) to Synchronize your practices with the desktop computer.

6) to Work on the Internet - to check mail, to watch the websites, to communicate in ICQ.

7) to Watch movies and clips.

8) to Play favourite games.

9) to Listen to music.

10) in the presence of GPS - the module to establish the location on the planet Earth not to get lost in a campaign or just on the unfamiliar district.

It is possible to think up tens more of options of use of pocket computers. Everyone will find the application. So, use on health, I hope, the PDA will help you with study, work, and also with rest.