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What is a grabbing, or satellite fishing ?

For this purpose to fish and be online, eat 2 ways, in both the strimrider through a router is used, the second is if to fish through universal pitas, it is necessary to propatchivat firewood of skaystar if not to do it, it is necessary to clean pitas on which you are online, besides sometimes it is necessary to observe a start poocheryodnost, at first skaynt or a manna, then already skaystar... As it works with


the Vast majority of providers of the satellite Internet, for the unclear reasons, do not use enciphering of a traffic. The organization of enciphering of a traffic is possible and to make it rather simply. Possibly, it will be inconvenient for the user. And if the stream is not ciphered, then it is possible to get those files which are loaded by users from it (and hundreds or even thousands of users there). But there are some features:

In the protocol Back from the server (this information just also passes in our case on a satellite channel) goes its media - the type, date of modification and several other less interesting fields, but names of the loaded files are unknown. Partially this problem is solved by means of special programs - if in properties of the file there is something identifying it - for example a MP3 - a tag for musical files.

If the user for any reasons did not receive some packages, they will be perezaproshena. They will be newly transferred by the server if from the car of the user confirmation on receiving does not come. If the package is lost by your car, nobody will be able to help you.

Users can underload files, load them several times, just check whether on the place their files or load several kilobyte from the multimegabyte file, and then load in addition the rest in a week. As a result - a set beaten files

And, the most unpleasant: instead of really useful and interesting things, users load any stuff and garbage.

Main plus fishings - connection to the Internet is not required, i.e. it is possible to receive on the computer files absolutely free of charge, many satellites except broadcast of television and radio, use also transfer the Internet - a traffic.

That it is necessary for a grabbing:

the Plate (it is desirable acrylic, but the grabbing will work for any)

DVB card. DVB - the card is intended for reception of data of the satellite Internet, and also satellite channels of television and radio. Almost any will fit.

cable Hank.

Skills of industrial mountaineering - should hang up a plate somehow.

Still you can get a roter - a thing not obligatory, but very useful since the plate can be rotated far off.

On one computer it is possible to put two, three, some DVB cards, but then it is worth having several winchesters and the processor more powerfully.

Many consider that a grabbing - it is immoral, illegal. You receive others traffic without the knowledge of the owner, is malicious copy his personal information: music and movies (for which he, perhaps, paid), correspondence and... yes, a porn, in the main porn. Others do not see anything illegal here. As you watch TV - simply to eat the antenna, and catch transfers. There is the same system. Only you catch you pay nothing files which swing others and for it. Or as - you adjust radio and you listen. And it is very frequent even opponents of this outrage at least for interest, for a while join it to look what is it.

Providers as any commercial organizations if it does not touch their interests, undertake nothing. Providers from a grabbing do not incur losses. And there is even in it plus - many mere mortals, lumpens - modemshchik, having tried the satellite on speed, often are connected to the satellite Internet.