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What we know of clothespegs?

Archeologists carry the moment of emergence of a clothespeg to far primitive times. Women - keepers of cave fire carried then a certain similarity of clothes. They had to erase it and to dry over a fire or on the sun. Then the clothespeg was thought up. It consisted of two chips which are tied up by the dried veins of the killed of animals.

Women used it not only as means for fixing of clothes on a rope, the clothespeg served them also hairpin for hair, and some kind of buttons on warm clothes.

Presently the clothespeg is made, generally two models - with a spring - a ring and a carving - hvatatel for keeping and with a twisted spring, but without carving. Also there are integral clothespegs.

It is curious that from 1852 to 1887. The patent bureau of the USA granted patents for 146 various clothespegs. Among them there were also these clothespegs.

This the imagination at Americans! I, for example, cannot even imagine 146 models of clothespegs.

Now this simple invention inspires sculptors and designers.

So, in Philadelphia is even a monument to a clothespeg. It looks both as a work of art, and as an engineering feat.

As any sound monument, at it has the legend. Like, some enterprising American began to make simple clothespins, then grew rich on it and... in gratitude put a monument to the Clothespeg!

Actually it was created by Claus Oldenburg (Claes Oldenburg) which was born on January 28, 1929 in Sweden. The childhood passed it in the United States, he studied at Yale University and Art Institute Chicago. This sculptor is known that he used usual, everyday objects for expression of the art (shovels, scoops, brooms, clothespegs). Some of its projects of monuments are simply fantastic. He created a monument to the Clothespeg in 1976. I found the poem devoted to this monument.

A monument to a clothespeg in Philadelphia.

A it that for a monument?


That, usual quite,

that the brassiere after washing holds strong,

and does not allow to break to a sheet.

Our souls in skies are in vain torn,

aspire to unknown regions.

In space us, in time having suspended, a clothespeg everyone has


The clothespeg it seems of

of the tell-tale - with a spring a stomach -

as an aspiration monument to freedom is on the square, which nobody will find


(Leonid Soroka)

If you are a little excentric

1997, you can give a certain funny nature to an interior of your apartment by means of such clothespegs. They will serve as interesting sculptures for your guests.

You can also tell them that you just visited Philadelphia, and for memory of a statue brought such souvenirs.

The famous designer Aura - Ito created a lamp - Everywhere clothespeg. Each of its long ends is a case from thermoplastic for tiny luminescent lamps with the cold cathode which heat up only slightly. Therefore the lamp - a clothespeg can be clung not to the shelf or a back of a bed, and directly to the book, a Whatman paper or a pillow. Lovely and convenient thingummy!

Well, and needlewomen made the contribution also here. They varnish clothespegs, create children`s dolls and decorative compositions. Christmas-tree decorations from clothespegs become quite habitual thing. Also very interestingly and originally the magnets on the refrigerator prepared by means of these simple features look.

I, of course, lowered many legends and stories about a simple clothespeg. But, I hope that this small narration though illustrated its application a little.