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How to pull together the father with the small child?

Small children - it is always good. But they require to themselves a lot of attention, care and love. And it does not mean at all that only mother has to potter with the kid that all cares of the kid should be put on her brittle shoulders, the father has to take active part in education of the kid too! But it is not always as simple as it seems

the kid approaches mother till the birth, and it meets the father later! Irrespective of, what is the time the father will see off with the kid, he is perceived only as the mother`s assistant or the assistant. For this reason the father should put a lot of effort to approach the kid.

Many fathers actively and willingly play with already grown up kid, but absolutely are afraid to do something with the small child... They to be afraid to take it on hands, are afraid to change clothes of it, to feed etc. They are afraid that they the touches will hurt the kid or will bring him unpleasant feelings. Many just do not know what with such small child to do, than with him to be engaged. But the father`s help is simply necessary for mother! And in general there is a wish that the father was for the kid a loved one too, but not just some the uncle.....

To pull together the father with the kid, it is necessary to allocate time for their communication alone, without mother. For example, it will be good if allocate to the father some certain role, will charge him something like that that will be done only by the father. But not so each business will approach here!

Many mummies hope that the father will begin to change to the baby diapers, but not each daddy will agree to it! This option disappears in most cases.

If the father is not afraid to touch the golenky kid, then he can charge to do massage after bathing. At the same time he can sing some songs, rhymes and humourous catchphrases. It will be pleasant to both one and the second and this occupation will bring benefit too.

Still the father can do exercises with the kid, carry out exercises, easy, but useful to the baby. For this purpose it is possible to use a big massage ball which the peanut cheerfully will ride here and there. It can be done both sitting, and lying on a tummy or on a back. The kid such exercises will teach to hold balance and a bearing, and the father will receive the mass of positive emotions, joyfully smiling kid will leave nobody indifferent.

If a type of the naked peanut the father everything is confuses (and it quite often happens), it is possible to try to occupy them with some game. Here the big field for imaginations opens. For example, if the kid has toys in the form of animals, the father can show sounds which these animals make, to teach the kid to how what animal is called, what it colors etc. it is also possible to show to the kid different types of transport; it is possible to find different fruit in kitchen, to tell the kid about how they grow as are called what they are forms, what color, taste (it is possible to allow to the kid to taste a small slice) Such games are simple, do not demand many forces and help the kid to develop, study the world surrounding it.

If the father has free time in the evenings, he can go with lyalky for a daily evening walk. It will help to pull together the father with the kid too, will give to the peanut the chance to understand that it is also pleasant to walk with the father, as well as with mother.

When will begin to give to the child a feeding up, this occupation can be charged to the father too. Now the tasty food will be associated not only with mother, but also with the father. And for children an opportunity to eat well is always associated with something pleasant and calming.

But to you it is not necessary to shift all these occupations to the father, otherwise he will just be tired, and communication with the child will not bring any benefit.

Generally, all possible options not to list, each daddy can think up to himself any occupation, the main thing that it was regular and brought joy and to the father and the kid.