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Who such Baku?

Of course, at you was five on geography, and you precisely know that Baku is the city with the population about two million people. There warmly and there are a lot of tasty fruit.

And now put an accent on the first syllable. Wait for evening, begin to yawn properly, no, even just there is no force left on any useful rituals, oh, any more to what there is a wish to sleep The silent lamp at a bed is already cozy, the silence behind a window is already tender, even snow is so soft and cozy as if cotton candy which is caught a mouth by white horses in children`s dreams. The world around you agrees: bainka time. It was necessary only to call Baku.

- Mothers, and the bad dream will not dream me?

- And when it last time dreamed you?

- Something I will not remember

- Correctly, you have personal Baku!

The daughter raises the head from a pillow, the head is followed by disobedient curls, turn of wons there - there, on a wall, on a leaf of a Whatman paper on the sleepy insinuating wood there is fervent Baku. It cheerfully lifted up the trunk, it waves a bull tail, soft tigerish paws go by air over silvery fir-trees in the moon, a cunning nosorozhy eye mows directly to the room, and the strong bear back as though speaks - far, far and it is a lot of forward! Baku is very occupied, it has a lot of work, it hurries, but slowly and softly

In ancient and surprising China to people dreamed bad dreams too. And then the mythical being with the head of a rhinoceros, a trunk of an elephant, tigryachy paws, a bull tail and a body of a bear came to the rescue. Perhaps, it can look and differently, but it was remembered by that who managed to make out it. Baku is a kind ghost which eats exclusively bad dreams - eats nothing else, whimsical. In old times Chinese put under a pillow a leaf with the name BAKU if the person was tormented by nightmares, it was some kind of telegram - For you, dear, a lot of food was laid up . And if Ole - Lukoye can open an old gray umbrella or bright, new, color - Baku has other interests, it will come and will help you anyway.

When I learned about such here hieroglyphs under a pillow, first of all to me the remarkable sleepy rhyme - " was remembered; Ding - Don, ding - Don, in the lane goes an elephant, the Old, gray sleepy elephant, Din - Don, ding - Don . And why it gray, I thought And then I drew Baku and hung up it in the nursery - that for certain. And since then in the room even hours began to tick more surely, and children`s breath reminds a silent rustle, soft, well - where there in foliage the breeze was hooked by a ringlet?

- Mothers, and he paces the room?

- Of course. But only when all fall asleep, otherwise what to it sense to appear? It goes quietly - quietly and very softly, though large such copy, clumsy in appearance. Listens at your ear and if hears a bad dream, then takes away it and - am! - very quietly so, as if cotton candy. Will chew - will chew, and goes further.

- Everything, I fill up

- Good night!