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What sweets to bake during a post?

At a corporal post - the prelate Basil the Great writes, - the belly fasts from food and drink; at a sincere post of a shower abstains from evil thoughts, affairs and words. The real post-nickname abstains from anger, rage, rage and a revenge. The real post-nickname vozderzhivat language from a prazdnosloviya, foul language, idle talk, slander, condemnation, flattery, lie and any evil tongue. In a word, the real post-nickname the one who moves away from any evil... can Keep these commandments, in my opinion, only staying in good mood during a post.

And what better than sweets can lighten us mood? But during a post cakes and cakes are forbidden... I want to share recipes which are absolutely fast and, in my opinion, tasty. I hope, they will be pleasant also to you.

Our family very much loves fast rolls .

Here recipe:

1/2 of a glass of vegetable oil, 1/2 glass of saltish mineral water, flour how many will take that dough did not stick to hands.

to Roll, cut small squares - triangles, inside to put a stuffing (berries frozen or from jam, apples with cinnamon, jam, jam, on the picture - mushrooms) and to bake till golden color.

is Very tasty.


it is desirable for i to eat rolls in the same day. Fast dough has property to dry up quickly.

Fast cookies. to

Will need products:

a cucumber brine - 1 glass; refined sunflower oil - 1 glass; sugar - 1 glass; coconut flakes - 2 packs; flour - 2 - 3 glasses

we Mix oil, sugar, a brine, 1 packing of shaving and flour. On density shortcake dough has to turn out. We roll dough. We strew with the remained shaving. We cut out forms what are pleasant to you more. We spread on a baking sheet. The baking sheet is better to sprinkle with flour. To bake in an oven at a temperature of 180 degrees about 10 minutes.

Council: instead of coconut flakes can use the crushed dried apricots, raisin, the crushed walnuts.

The baked apples: to

Will need products:

apples, honey, nuts (any to taste), banana, a kiwi.

To remove a core at apples. To put 1 h l in the formed opening. honey, the crushed bananas mixed with pieces of a kiwi and nuts. It is accurate to pierce a peel of apples in several places that in a preparation time it did not burst. To lay out apples on a baking sheet. to Bake

in an oven about 20 minutes.

Council: when giving one table better to strew apples with icing sugar.

Bon appetit!