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Decided to take the credit? How to increase chance to receive it?

the Credit (Latin creditum - the loan, from credo - believe), granting money or goods on credit (use for term on the terms of recoverability) and, as a rule, with payment of percent.

Pay attention that despite extensive advertizing to obtain the credit not so - that simply.

So, of WHAT it is IMPOSSIBLE to DO! It is impossible for

1 coming to interview to bank, to be represented poor lamb about you for certain will think that you will not be able to return the credit.

2 Cannot deceive the broker, the manager of bank (in any bank the serious security service works, and about you learn what you already forgot about).

3 Cannot be brought in " bank; cunning documents (the bought registration in the place of stay etc.)

What it is necessary to make to increase the chance of receiving the credit. Remember


1. the First person whom you will meet in bank - the manager. It is the first who will give your characteristic to credit committee. Means it is necessary to try to be pleasant to he (she). You speak culturally, try to estimate its qualification (even if it nothing is absolute to you explained).

2. Show that you are quite wealthy and you can get the apartment, goods, to make repair, without resorting to the credit, but just you do not want to spend such sum now.

3. For confirmation of the solvency to you needs to submit the relevant documents to bank (what depends on requirements of bank, the broker who works with bank every day can prompt you it).

4. are not lazy to collect additional documents is your additional guarantee!

5. your mobile phone has to be available constantly. If to you several times are not able to phone from bank is an occasion to refuse to you issuance of credit.

6. Today one more requirement of bank - your consent on providing information on you in bureau of credit histories exists. In case of your refusal the bank can refuse to you delivery of money.

Pay attention to the list of documents which are requested, as a rule, by each bank.

Obligatory documents, for the natural person working on hiring:

- the copy of all pages of the passport

- the copy of the driver`s license

- the copy of the service record (all pages) certified by the company - the employer with a mark that the employee works till present. The signature of the person who certified the service record, and the press has to stand on each page. On the first page - F. I. O. (completely) and a position of the person certifying the service record.

- the second document (the international passport, the certificate of RPF)

- the certificate of the income in a form 2 - the personal income tax or in a free form (it is possible in a form of bank)

- if the borrower is married - the copy of the marriage certficate, the passport of the spouse / spouse.

Depending on requirements of bank, additional documents can be requested.